Monday, November 19, 2012

Addicted to Adrenaline.

Often I visualize that a company will come forward to sponsor some of my students and myself so that we can devote our full time to training. Even think of contacting some TV channels to start a show of Jukaadoka's training all over the world in different martial arts and other forms of very high intensity training. 

Training over a period of many years I feel people get addicted to the adrenaline and constantly crave for it. It is this craving I feel that makes people really miss their workout and strive to train for longer hours. There is a constant effort to find ways and balance our life's in such a way that we get our desired hours of training. I am proud to say am addicted to adrenaline. I think it is the healthiest form of addiction one can have.

Today's Workout - 

1 hour jog with 10kg sand bag followed by some stone throwing, 200 push ups and 200 squats and body conditioning for 30 minutes.

Had to go meet a new personal training client. It is always nice to get a new client who is serious about training but deep down the first thought that comes to me is - My training time will reduce damm it!!! 
( LOL) 

Am planning to do something more insane this week. Last week I challenged myself to 10 sets where each set had 10 different exercises and total counts in 1 set = 570 counts. So I completed 5700 repetitions in a day.  Now this week My target is to complete between 80 - 100 of those sets in just a week. It is not possible for me to devote 5.5 hours to complete 10 sets like the other day so it will truly be a challenge to squeeze in as many sets as I can daily to finish 100 sets within just 7 days.

Today I could complete only 5 sets as I had lots of work today. Lets see how many sets I complete by next Sunday. 

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