Friday, November 23, 2012

An Idea Can Change Your Life!!!!!!!!!!!

It all started when Sravan our student was returning back to his city. Before we bid adieu he suggested that I should look up Spartan Race online. A very dangerous suggestion to a crazy person it was. Saw all the videos on Spartan Race and read as much as I could about the race. I was hooked to obstacle racing. 

At Jukaado we train very hard and try to challenge our body and mind all the time. However the lure of running long distances, over hills with sand bags , through mud and all this while crossing obstacles was difficult to stay away from.


This brought out the need to train with a different approach. It was not only me but many at Jukaado were excited for the new training challenge. Little did they know that I would trouble them so much. However they are a very tough lot, every time they achieve a level I keep a new target ready for them. Sometimes I feel they are more crazier than me, for I already know the workout in store but they just come to train without knowing what is in store for them.  Am blessed with amazing students who are not only ready to train hard but also ready to meet my levels of insanity. 

We started running longer distances with sand bags followed by burpees, lifting and throwing rocks, running up hills, and lots more. Initially I had started running with a 5kg sand bag on the shoulder now am very comfortable running with a 10kg sand bag. 

The only thing that is difficult to conquer is FEAR, everything else is a walk in the park.

Just 15 days after being introduced to Spartan race 2 students of Jukaado - Shiv and Prateek and myself took part in the Hyderabad Heritage Half Marathon. We completed it with a pretty decent time of  2hours 18 minutes. I feel it was a good timing because it was our first half marathon and moreover we had less than a week to prepare for it too. 

Little did I know that this was just the beginning of our tryst with racing. Next month there were 8 Jukaadoka's including myself taking part in a Triathlon. Being new to the racing circuit we got information about the Triathlon just 10 days before the race leaving us with not much time to prepare again. Now just 3 months from the day we were introduced to Spartan Race 5 Jukaadoka's including myself are set to run the 10km race coming up this Sunday. It has been 3 months since we were introduced to Spartan Race and we have taken part and completed 3 races.

An idea can truly change your life. At Jukaado we push the levels of our fitness and endurance way too high. We train to endure and sustain grueling training sessions of between 5 - 8 hours without food or water. May be it was this kind of intense training that has provided us with the ability to complete all these races with not much training time in hand. We now have a student dedicated to looking after Team Jukaado's registrations and to keep a track of upcoming races. He has been very helpful in registering all of us and suggesting on the upcoming races. 

This is what I believe is an wholistic approach to fitness. Hardcore martial artists running and competing with people who train to be runners or triathletes. It is not a sight seen often am sure.

Today's Workout - 

Since am on my challenge to complete between 80 - 100 sets within 5days. I followed the set workout today too. Each set has a total of 570 repetitions of various exercises. Today was able to complete 15 such sets. Did not get enough time to complete them in one go so had to break them up in 2 training sessions. 
8 + 7 = 15 sets.

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