Sunday, November 4, 2012

Crazy Sunday!!!

Sunday is the day when team Jukaado goes for hill running. We have found this wonderful hill close to KBR park which gives an amazing terrain for us to trot over. 
A rock formation at the top of the Hill. We started our jog on road no 45 Jubilee Hills but following the path that opened up to us  ( like a maze ) lead us to the Filmnagar road that leads to Tolichowki. We did not want to hurt the sentiments of the Filmnagar hill road too so we jogged the stretch down and back up through the mud trail leading us back to road nos 45 Jubilee Hills. It was a wonderful jog and with people like Prateek and Rohel by your side on the jog the jog just gets more enjoyable. Prateek was fast to spot Rohel's shock at seeing the almost 80 Degrees incline slope to the top. It literally shook out any sleep that was left in him (haha). We did not realize but we had jogged up to a descent height and the view from top of the hill is just breathtaking.

View from top of the hill. A wonderful jog like that gets even better with a wonderful breakfast of Kheema and roti with irani tea. However the kheema comes floating in oil and when we 3 removed all the excess oil am sure we had enough oil to oil the hair of Rapunzel ( the girl in the fairy tale who had hair that would cascade down a tall tower).

After the wonderful jog decided to rest and not workout but then a crazy idea struck me and decided to try a wonderful workout for the legs. So I go down to the garage and deflate all 4 tyres of my car and also the 2 big tyres of my bike. Removed the foot pump and filled back 6 completely deflated tyres with the foot pump. A wonderful workout indeed.

I think have done enough work for the day will catch up on some reading and relax the rest of this wonderful Sunday. 

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