Friday, November 2, 2012

Cyclone Nilam brings dull weather, fought back with a killer workout!!

The Cyclone Nilam has covered Hyderabad in a thick cover of clouds. Barely seen the sun since 2 days and the non stop drizzle with small spurts of heavy downpour have made the weather very dull, gloomy and very humid. I pray that both Hurricane Sandy and Cyclone Nilam cool down and spare the Earth from more destruction. 

The gloomy weather and constant rain forced me to cancel my usual morning jog and workout. That really tends to get me grumpy and at times more lazy. However I had decided not to let weather dictate when I should train. Keeping that in mind I had a pretty active day today. Decided not to use the bike and walked around where ever I had to go. Walking in the constant drizzle got me drenched but the walk was refreshing and felt alive even in this dull weather. I should say the Adidas adipure toe shoes are very comfortable even walking through puddles. The first puddle had me conscious but the water drains out just as fast as it enters in. After the first puddle experience I just kept walking not bothered of the rain or the water gushing into my toe shoes. 

Spent half the day walking around the streets completing small works and errands that were long due. Ran up 5 floors 7 times today and came down the steps (2floors) doing push ups. People who see me doing all this must be really freaking out seeing someone do something like this as part of normal routine.

Started my evening workout at 4pm with about 30 minutes skipping ( am sure I cross about 3,000skips within 30minutes ). After a good session of skipping and having to wipe a puddle that got created with my sweating in this super humid weather. Continued with 100 squats and a Chudan geri (stomach kick ) with every squat, some shoulder press, 100 squats again with a Mawashi geri ( round house kick ) with every squat, 100 situps with the 10kg sand bag, 100 squats with a Yoko geri ( side kick ) with every squat. Had to again wipe the puddle of sweat. It is really humid working out was like a sweathaton. Brought out my cane stick and started striking the shin bone, ribs, forearm bone and so on, continued with 30 minutes of Okinawan weight training and some stretching and gave a final burst with 5 sets where 1 set == 100 skips and 50 burpees.

Keep a good martial art training video or a movie and I can workout for hours on.  I think my appetite for working out and training hard has reached a very high level today over the years. Training for 3-5 hours at a stretch seems very simple and fun filled for me. May be am just addicted to the adrenaline flow that working out brings. 

Have some nice custard in the fridge awaiting to be raided by this Jukaadoka. Diet what diet I am a Bushi (warrior / samurai ) I train very hard and eat hearty. See you all tomorrow with another crazy day in my life.

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