Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fear can make a Tiger run from sheep

Fear has the power to scare even the mighty and is what stops us from achieving in many areas of life. It does not make sense to fear something and still try attempting to accomplish it. Usually fear sets in when we are not sure of the outcome or worried if things go wrong. Once we come to terms with the worst case scenario and accept it then fear no longer lasts.

The reason we are on the talking about fear today is because I was at a school today and was making the students practice for the Jukaado demonstration for Sports Day. Today made them practice Tamashiwara (breaking techniques). Had brought Shahbad stone tiles for them to break. The students were scared at the sight of the stone tiles. Some said it is to heavy, some said it is a stone it can not be broken and the excuses kept coming. Now with the fear well set in when we got to breaking the stone tiles most of them could not. Some gave up. I realized that I first need to remove their fear and then all will be fine. Am very careful with how a student is trained and would never put them in a situation where they could get injured. The students selected for Tamashiwara are of the level and conditioning where they could easily break the stone tiles. 3 students are to break the tiles on their head. Their fear was so high that they were just touching the tile to the head and not striking it. Finally I took 2 tiles in my hand, banged 1 tile to my head to show them that the tile is breakable and then took the other tile and broke it on the student who was supposed to break it on his head. The tile broke easily on his head neither did he get hurt. That students confidence rose instantly making his fear disappear. He took 1 more tile and banged it on his own on his head and broke it too. Seeing him slowly other students got up and gave it a try. One by one all started to break the stone tiles with ease. The 15 students in the demo broke tiles with elbow, punch, palm, Shuto ( knife edge of palm) and with the head. This just shows that fear can make us scared of something which we can easily conquer and overcome. 

Today's workout - Saturday's I do not train in the morning and give the body rest from the jog. Evening I had class so reached the class by 4:30pm and trained till 5:30 with some skipping, burpees and plank variations in a set. 1 set = 300 skipping , 50 burpees and 5 minute plank. Could complete 14 sets in the time I had before it was time to start class. Class was wonderful and we had near full attendance today.

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