Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fitness - A way of life based on discipline, dedication and commitment

We all live a life that we have. It does not matter what we have or not, WHAT MATTERS IS HOW WE DECIDE TO LIVE IT.

Fitness is truly a way of life. Most people will wonder how can it be a way of life. It is just something I train at the gym for daily or jog or cycle or train in martial arts for. Well then I hope my view on why fitness is a way of life helps open your eyes and make strong your resolve to live this way of life forever.

The 3 most important things needed to keep us on track with any workout or sport are Discipline, Dedication and Commitment. Without these 3 there is a very good chance one will falter and soon wind up his / her workout routine. All the effort they have put in will just be a waste of time and the benefits they had achieved will start  diminishing. However when we keep up with these 3 character traits we will continue to workout and train in a very disciplined, dedicated and committed manner for years to come. Have seen many people who are today in their 70's and have been training all their lives. Even today they live the life of fitness training daily for hours together.

Most think when we start to train to get fit the only achievement is may be some weight loss or a well chiseled body or a natural form of health insurance. Well then you are wrong. If you have been training regularly and seriously for even over a period of 6 months then just look back at your life before you started training and look at it today. There is bound to be a huge difference. When one starts being disciplined, dedicated and committed to living the life of fitness it not only alters them physically but begins to change their heart, mind and way they live too.

It will start slowly like a spider who starts with making a web in a small area and slowly making the web bigger and bigger increasing the area it covers. When we start training we fix a particular time to train. Then it moves to eating healthy and nutritious. Slowly the discipline will bring a change in even those who love to sleep till the sun is high up and shinning bright. Yes given an option I would love to sleep till late too. However thanks to my disciplined lifestyle no matter what I do wake up by 3am daily to meditate and then go for my morning workout. Even on the days I have decided to give the body rest from the morning workout. I will wake up even without the alarm, then it is my decision to get out of bed or take the day of from workout. This happens because my body is set to live by a way of life called FITNESS. Over a period of time the same character traits that you depend on in training will benefit and enrich your life. Now lets see few examples - the discipline in training may affect your discipline with regards to work or the will power that makes you push yourself to train for 5 minutes more when you are totally exhausted will make you more persistent to get some work done which is given to you by your manager or to find a solution or resolve any issue. I can give numerous examples of how gradually fitness will change your complete life. Instead of me giving examples it will be much better to try and live this life for few months and see the changes in your own self.

There will always be excuses. EXCUSES ARE OUR BODIES EFFORT TO RESIST OR HALT CHANGE. I am very old now, this is a more suitable workout for kids, too much running is not meant for me as my family has a history of arthritis, have 2 kids to look after and the list can go on and on. It is our responsibility to find a way out to put all the excuses to rest. Adapting to our surroundings or situations is a very strong Human trait embedded in us right from the stone age. So use it do not let it just sit and rust.

As the well known quote goes " TO BRING CHANGE WE MUST CHANGE FIRST" So are we all ready to strengthen our resolve to change and accept this challenge for the benefit of our own self.

While we are on this topic of Fitness I would like to express my personal opinion on a wholistic approach to fitness. Some only run or cycle long distance, some lift only weights, some train only in a particular style of martial art or play only a specific sport. That is required for professional athletes or sports men who compete professionally. However for the others it is my opinion that the best approach is to try all sorts of workouts.  For example do long runs as well as lift moderate weights as well as play sports as well train in martial arts or yoga etc. By restricting yourself to only one kind of training routine the body never gets a chance to achieve its full potential. In fact in the last 8 -10 years even professional athletes, sportsmen and martial artists have started training in numerous forms of training routines to get better results at the very high competitive levels they need to perform at.  I have always been open to any new training routine or martial art form. There is so much to learn all that is needed is a student who is ready to learn.

If even 1 person reads this and tries to live the way of life called Fitness then I will be happy to have brought some positive change in a fellow human being.

Today's Workout -

Today being a Sunday many sleepy heads avoided coming for our hill run session. Not that Prateek, Shiv and myself did not desire to sleep cozy on this very cold morning. It was very cold and yet I could see the resolve in the 2 students who came for the jog. They did come wearing their jackets though but soon I shall try to strengthen their resistance and make them ready to jog in this really chilly weather wearing only a thin t-shirt and shorts. The best part of jogging in cold weather is once you start sweating and the fire within rises the weather no longer is cold but pleasant. After the 1 hour hill jog and our ritual breakfast we all headed home. Did put in a workout of 1.5 hour in the evening consisting of some conditioning, Okinawan weight training and some techniques.

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