Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Giant Mutant Mosquitoes at Necklace Road

Last few weeks I had altered my morning workout routine on Tuesday's. I would go to necklace road and ride a bicycle for about 30kms and then run with a 10kg sand bag for about 15kms followed with some Burpees in between. With the advent of winter the mosquito menace at necklace road has become really bad. Last week while I was running I got bitten by so many really huge mosquitoes. It is the first time I got bitten even though I was constantly running at a descent pace. The next 2 days were bad - Vomiting, diarrhea, body aches, feeling feverish and cold. Am not too fond of Allopathy so did not take any medication. Finally on the 3rd day of not being well I decided to take matters into my own hands and fight back and started training. With the sweat came the cure to my mosquito related ailment. 

The necklace road is a wonderful place for morning walkers, joggers and any other form of workout. It is a nice stretch to train at in the morning. Alas! the Governments attitude of not being bothered about people's welfare has made it infested with big mosquitoes that breed unchecked in the drains that empty into the Tank Bund leaving not only a stench but also a very grave health risk to those who come there. I am lucky to have a strong immune system or may be just blessed by God to have escaped without contracting any dangerous mosquito related ailment like Dengue. The government should carry out regular fogging of the necklace road with insecticide. I guess the only Bio - Diversity the government is preserving is that of the different varieties of mosquitoes. In India there is a serious lack of infrastructure for any sport or physical activity compared to the population. The other wonderful place to train in the morning for residents of Secunderabad is the Parade ground but here too the outer ring inside the ground which has a natural made mud trail to walk or jog on is not even and has a number of sudden ditches some even hidden among the grass. Jogging there could lead to spraining the leg if suddenly your foot lands in a ditch.

We can neither dream of dominating at the Olympics nor can we dream of having a fit population. I am not saying that we should only complain about the lack of facilities but if infrastructure and facilities are there am sure people will come to use them. Simple example is the Hyderabad Bicycle Clubs cycling station at necklace road. They are doing a wonderful job by providing beautiful bikes at an economical rent and the result is that more and more people have started coming to hire the cycles and cycle to improve their health. 

I was truly enjoying my new workout routine a combination of cycling and running but the mosquito bites and its effect to my health have me scared to venture there at least till the winter season passes by. I would not like to miss my daily workout because of a mosquito bite.   

So today I skipped the cycling and running combination workout fearing the mosquitoes and settled for my usual 1 hour jog at the marredpally park followed by some techniques and body conditioning. 

Lets hope that the mosquitoes decide to leave necklace road on their own so that people like me can train peacefully without fearing their lethal bites.

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