Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Going with the FLOW

Life is like a river, the way to live life is to accept what it brings and flow with the river.

 Most of our troubles, pains, sorrow and anguish comes from our not accepting the changes life brings and drops in our lap. Logically speaking no one can change what has been done however we can react to the situation and prevent any further damage. By sitting in a corner it won't go away. Acceptance is the key to our happiness.

In my personal opinion and my experiences when ever I have tried to prevent change or stop the process of change it only brings more agony and troubles. The best option is to release any inhibitions and invite the change with open arms. This may scare the CHANGE  a bit too ( LOL ). Life is to short to dwell in the past for doing so our present is lost to memories of what has already elapsed. Making us just collect more memories of what we do not desire. Look ahead but not too far just what is visible in front of you. I guess that is called - LIVING IN THE PRESENT. 

Started my day with a wonderful 1.5 hour jog with my 10kg sand bag in the Cantonment area. The pace was a bit slow due to the sand bag. The cold weather is ideal to train in. At the point where I decided to turn back I did 50 Burpees. After doing each Burpees I lifted the 10kg sand bag above my head like a shoulder press then kept it down and did the next Burpees and so on. This was really fun and got quite a lot of curious onlookers. Some were Army Jawans ( soldiers) others were civilians. From their faces both seemed to have  the same thought in their mind - Is this person mad? Why would someone do something like this? Finally 1 jawan ( soldier) came forward and asked if he could check the sand bag after lifting it he was shocked at its weight. However he asked if he could join me and we both completed the remaining Burpees together. 

Today being the Hindu festival of Diwali I decided to go with the flow and just relaxed ate yummy food and loads of sweets. I agree that it is tradition to burst crackers on this day. I myself use to burst loads of them in my school days. However nowadays I feel that the quantity of crackers that each family bursts is not required. As I type this post the complete neighborhood is filled with nonstop blasting of firecracker bombs. So much sound and air pollution and tomorrow all the streets will be littered with paper from these crackers. Diwali is the festival of lights, what we should do is light diya's, take part in pooja's, pray for a good year ahead for all and then burst a few colourful firecrackers not the super noisy and loud bombs. Instead of spending so much money on the firecrackers we could all spend lesser on them and use the remaining money to bring joy in the life of the underprivileged. Anyway this is just my view and am not judging or being judgmental towards those who burst loads and loads of crackers.

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