Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hyderabad 10 Km Run.

Today was the Hyderabad 10 km run and how could Jukaadoka's not be there. Today 5 Jukaadoka's including myself ran the 10 km run. 

As usual I get excited knowing that a good workout lies ahead. This excitement makes it difficult to sleep the night before such run's or races or even before the Jukaado Camp's. Even after attending more than 50 plus martial art camps and conducting over 15 Jukaado Camps even today I get very excited with the 5 days of killer training that lies ahead at the camp. When I say killer training I actually mean it. The Jukaado Camp will test a person in all aspects possible. Words can not explain the intensity of the camp. An experience of the Jukaado Camp is truly a life changing experience. Some prefer it as a once in a life time experience others get addicted to the fun at Camp and just keep coming back again and again.  

Coming back to the 10 km run. I had just taken a small nap of 30 minutes as excitement made sleep elude me a night before the run. Team Jukaado participating in the run assembled at the meeting point and headed to the holding area for the run. It was well organized may be it was because Procam International - an international organization was organizing the run. 

The 10 km run started at 6:50 am and after the initial pushing and jostling the crowd was spread out. It was nice to see so many running today however most of the runners were 30 years plus. We need to inculcate fitness training and a healthy lifestyle to the younger generation. That is the best way to safe guard one's health. A student of Jukaado calls fitness training - " The best and cheapest form of Health Insurance "

I have been jogging for an hour 5 days a week. So the 10 km run was not exhausting for me. Have not received the official timing data of my 10 km run but I have completed the 10 km run between 52 -54 minutes. 
                                                 After Completing the 10 km run. 

                                               Our student Spartan after finishing the 10 km run.

                               The complete Team Jukaado that took part today at the 10 km run.
   from right to left - Rohel Dham ( in track pants ), Kuro Oni aka Shiv ( in grey shorts ), Siddharth Dujari  
   (back row with glasses ) , Spartan aka Prateek Kanodia ( too tall so had to kneel down ) and myself.

Though the 10 km run was well organized in most aspects but there is one aspect which I hope they work on when they organize it next year. The roads were closed for vehicles because of the run. It would be nice if the run organizers would arrange for buses to ferry people from the place the roads are closed to the starting point of the run. In the absence of this facility we had to walk about 5 -6 km after the run to reach our bikes. For Jukaadoka's it is not a matter of concern however we should consider that even people of Veteran and Senior Veteran Category take part and making them walk so much after a run is not right according to me.

           We found this multi coloured moth with very aero dynamic wings near the finishing area.
                                                     Did the moth run ( rather fly ) too ?     
On the whole it was a fun filled and wonderful experience. A Sunday well spent I should say. 

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