Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jukaado - A family that trains, sweats and eats together, not related by blood but by Souls of Warriors

Am truly happy to have a family of warriors. You may call it coincidence or destiny but I prefer to call it the calling of the Soul. All those who have been associated with Jukaado in the past and present have souls of warriors (this is my crazy belief). If the calling does not come from within then students do not stick long at class and leave. Lets face it only the insane ( insane  = crave to challenege the body and mind constantly ) will continue coming to class even when they are totally exhausted and beaten (conditioning ) often.

Sunday is our Jukaado families hill running day and today Prateek, Shiv and myself ran all over 2 hills like deers prancing all over the woods.

                                                 The Jukaadoka's at the foothills of the Hill.

Today we ran up the 1st hill which is hidden from the maddening city and it's traffic. The only thing on this hill are rocks, trees, breath taking views and the occasional peacock sighting. We ran over broken roads, tar roads, rocky trails and uneven mud trails. After running up the 1st hill we ran down it's other end and ran up and down the 2nd hill. Then took the mud trail back to the top of the 1st hill. Just in time to reach our sunrise point and view the magnificent sun.

                                                        The Magnificent Sun rise.

After viewing the sun rise we let the breath taking views take our breath away ( what the jog did not achieve the view surely did).

                                                     The city below and a lake.

                             In the distance we can see the Golconda Fort and Qutub Shahi Tombs.
                                     ( the fog made it difficult to get a clear picture)

After spending a few minutes appreciating the views and nature we continued our jog all around the 1st hill and down to our bikes at the base of the hill. It was a bit chilly today especially since we were running in the wilderness. However within just a few minutes into the jog we were sweating and it did not feel cold any more.

After the jog as per the Jukaado ritual we headed for some amazing breakfast. A wonderful way to begin a sunday.

Will relax and catch up on some reading for the rest of the day.

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