Friday, November 30, 2012

Making time to train on busy work days.

In our fast paced life's we are daily struggling for the want for more time to be able to do things. In all this rat race we often get very involved in our work and daily chores that we end up having very little or at times no time for doing what we like to do. This struggle for personal time gets more of a losing battle especially for those with jobs in the Corporate Sector. I have come across so many students especially working in the IT sector who are over burdened with work and having virtually no time to even think about living. It is like the corporates are converting them into zombies. So much work not only increases their stress levels but am sure over a period of time will also reduce their productivity at work. A senior and wise student of Jukaado calls all IT sector corporate jobs as " Bonded Labour" and seeing the state of many of my students I agree with him. Some of them try their best to get some time out for their lives but their faces show they are exhausted mentally. 

After a long day at work to come home and train may seem out of the question when the body just wants to fall asleep. However a workout will re - energize a stressed out and exhausted mind and body. Finding time to fit in a good workout should not be an option but mandatory just like we need to breathe or drink water. Initially it could be very difficult to do so but over a period of time the benefits of workout will show positive signs on the health of body and mind. If working out after work is not possible then wake up an hour early and go for a run or do any workout you desire to. 

Man started working to meet his daily needs of food, clothing and shelter. However the way things are today man works to reach somewhere hoping to achieve certain materialistic goals which are not necessarily set by them but by the people and society around them. In the end affecting ones FREE WILL.

The last few days have been very busy for me too. With the year coming to an end there is always an increase in personal training clients who wish to get in shape before 31st Dec. Then there are the sports days at schools which need a demonstration in martial arts. All this has made it difficult to find time in the morning to train though I wake up by 3 - 3:30am. However I have been trying to fit in a workout when ever I get some time. 

Today the morning workout was not possible had few hours free in the evening so I did a good workout and it always feels awesome after a really good ( exhausting ) workout.

Today's Workout -   

Did some sets of Okinawan weight training after completing every set I ran down 5 floors and up 5 floors then started the next set of Okinawan weight training. Did 10 such sets and then went for a 1 hour jog with my 10kg sand bag.

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