Monday, November 12, 2012

Meditation and Introspection

I do meditate daily and it is a wonderful habit to inculcate for all irrespective of age. Over the years I have remained very disciplined with my training as well as my meditation. Martial arts training if followed properly and authentically, does train the body, mind and spirit in the true sense. It brings you closer to spirituality and makes you grow in to better human beings. 

Recently I had an experience or a situation that just came up leaving me with no option than to react to it. I tried my best to stay calm and control the situation. Though the situation was well controlled and diffused by me finally without any serious harm coming to anyone from it, the fact that I had to do something which I as a person do not advocate or support was troubling me internally. I may be hard and tough outside but within am as human as a human being should be. I spoke to few people that I can relate to about what was troubling me within. It helped to some extent but it was still there at the back of my mind. 

Being troubled within is a serious matter. Some Zen masters believe if we do not resolve the troubles within by either accepting them or facing them then the spirit begins to lose its light. Finally on Sunday night I decided to introspect into the complete situation and meditate over it. 

Introspection without honesty is like a body without a heart.  

Whenever you are introspecting any situation or any part of your life be honest with yourself and accept if there has been any wrong committed by you. By trying to cover up one can neither introspect nor can they release what has been troubling them. I believe that every night before we go to bed we should spend some time to introspect in to our day and try to see if we have been good human beings and could we have approached any situation differently.

After a wonderful session of meditation and introspection I came to terms with what was troubling me. I guess it was Karma that this happened. The wheel of karma is something which rolls both ways and balances our deeds well. 

There are numerous ways or forms of meditation. One can try a few ways or forms but finally should follow what they are most comfortable with. Initially it is not easy to meditate and makes many new practitioners leave it in frustration. Give it time and be disciplined with it and the results will come about for sure. 

If everyone meditates regularly am sure this world will have most of its issues resolved more amicably and peacefully.

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