Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Training Partner Returns.

I train on my own as well but nothing beats having a fit training partner by your side. Since the last 4 years Swamibabu a student of Jukaado since 2003 has accompanied me during my morning training workout. He feels a change in his fitness levels by adding the morning workout to his routine and tries his best to be regular in the morning in-spite of his very busy work schedule. Last 2 weeks he could not make it in the morning and when he entered the park today morning I was happy to see my partner back.

A training partner helps in many ways. The basic ways would be to keep the motivation going, make training a bit more competitive, does not make you realize how much time you have trained and lots more. Even if you train daily and are very fit there will be days when your body or mind does not wish to push your self to train or you are just feeling lazy. When you have a training partner you will try your best to keep up with the pace of his workout even if you are feeling lazy on that day. In my case sometimes I just wish to sleep in for some more time rather than run around the park at 5am. However knowing that someone will be waiting to train with you at the park ensures that I get out of bed and put on my running shoes.

Try it out find a training partner who is of your same fitness level and have the same interests in workout. Over a period of time both of you will improve your fitness levels while having fun. Training with a partner will make the intensity of the workout seem lesser and more fun.  

Today's workout -
1 hour jog and then had to rush to school. Had 2 personal training clients today. Jogged for 45 minutes with one of them around KBR Park. That was truly fun! Am sure some of my new personal training clients might be wondering if am there to train them or kill them and have fun doing that. When they start getting results without any injury or bad effects on their health they begin to understand my approach.

Did 12 sets of 570 repetitions each. Could not do them at a stretch as had work. So did them in what ever breaks I had in between. The break up was as follows  - 4 sets + 3 sets + 5sets = 12 sets

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