Thursday, November 8, 2012

Plank all day.........

Every day I challenge myself differently and try new ways to push my fitness levels way beyond where it was yesterday. It is a constant process of pushing and stretching the body, making it tougher and  more conditioned than before. 

Started the day with a wonderful 1 hour jog followed by some combination techniques , 2 sets of 100 squats and push ups each and finally body conditioning by banging poles and striking the Makiwara. Over a period of time when you keep striking the same pole or Makiwara I feel you tend to connect with the object you are regularly conditioning with. You tend to strike in the same place every day, tend to be familiar with all the groves etc. 

Today I decided to challenge myself  with a Plank workout for 10 minutes every hour through out the day. Started with the challenge at 5am and continued it till 5pm. That makes it 12 hours and 120 minutes of plank through the whole day. 

Many may wonder that they work at an office and trying to plank every hour will surely get them weird stares and may be even a suggestion by their manager to consult a shrink ( LOL ). However I strongly believe where there is a will to do something the way will surely open up. One needs to adapt to their environment and am sure you can do any workout while sitting in your chair at your cubicle in office without looking out of place too. Since we are on the topic of the plank workout lets look at how we could adapt a similar workout for a person sitting on a chair ( for all my IT job oriented students). Sit upright let your back rest completely on the back rest of the chair, no slouching. Now tighten your core ab muscle by pulling it in just like you would do when you are performing a plank. Since you are sitting on a chair and not in the plank position to get the same amount of pressure on the abs you should try to tighten your neck muscles and slightly push the neck in front. Hold for as long as you can. Try for minimum 1 minute at a time and slowly increase the time. Once you get proficient with this you can move to a slightly advance level. Now lets suppose you have some work where you need to refer to some papers and then collaborate it with data on your desktop. This will make you train in a variation of plank. Keep the papers that you need to refer to the extreme left of your table. Now again get into the sitting plank position as mentioned before, once in position twist your shoulders while maintaining the plank to refer to the papers and then turn back to your desktop. You can shift the papers to the right side after a few counts on the left side. This will give you a twist with the plank thereby you not only work on your core but also your obliques and for all others at office you just seem to be working and not working out.    

Had class today, reached class by 5:45pm and started my usual set before class. Today's 1 set = 300 skipping, 100 tricep dips,  100 knuckle push ups and 100 squats. Managed about 9 sets before it was time to start class. Class was great today we did some bag work followed up with some stomach conditioning.

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