Saturday, November 24, 2012

Playing With Ice. - Ice Makiwara.

Saturday's I do not go for the morning jog and workout to get the much needed rest for the body. However being regular with punching the Makiwara ( which is very hard ) it was just on my mind and was missing the workout with it. 

Was reading a book and suddenly from no where an idea came to me. I went to the kitchen got out an old vessel with a flat base filled it with water up to about 4 - 5 inches and kept it in the freezer. After 30 minutes it was ice but still it had small pockets of water below so kept it in again. After about 1.5 hours in the freezer the water in the vessel was solid and hard ice. 

                                                 Solid  ice in a vessel with salt. 

Brought the ice out sprinkled some salt on it to slow down it's melting process. Placed the vessel on a wooden stool and started to punch it. Initially the fist was slipping as it was a new surface to strike on for me. A few punches later the rhythm set in and I was enjoying striking the hard ice. Ice being very cold and striking it repeatedly made my knuckles red. 

The ice began to crack with the repeated punches that kept landing on it. The salt was really preventing the melting process effectively. 

                                                             Cracks on the ice.

Do not try this unless you have been training in martial arts and have been practicing body conditioning. Always start with a softer object and slowly advance to harder objects. Directly striking hard ice with any prior training could cause a bone to crack. Always consult a qualified instructor before starting any workout. 

Now I have a new makiwara which I can prepare at any time to strike. May be next time will mix the salt in the water it self and then freeze it. 

                                           Knuckles after 5 minutes of punching ice.

I continued punching for about 12minutes or so then the ice just developed lots of cracks and broke. Let it melt a bit and kept it in the freezer again for another round once it hardens.

Today's Workout -  

Besides the 3 sets of  striking the ice for about 12 minutes each set I also did 8 sets today. Tomorrow is the 10km run and am not sure if I will be able to do any sets tomorrow. In 4 days I have completed 76 sets where each set has 570 repetitions. Was aiming for some where between 80 - 100 sets however am happy with 76 sets too. When you have to work then the time one has for training is reduced. Considering the busy days I have 76 sets in 4 days is good. 

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