Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Begining

Today being the 1st Nov I have decided to set foot on this journey of putting my daily workout and experiences as a martial artist in to a daily post. I hope to let it be filled with simple pointers and things that suit or assist me to workout better. 

It is a new endeavor for me to make this a sort of diary of daily exercise routines without making it very boring for its readers :-) .

As a general rule I workout daily once in the morning and once in the evening. I tend to skip the evening workout at times if the morning workout has been intense or the rest of the day has taken away a lot of my energies at work. 

Teaching martial arts especially to the younger ones is very challenging as you need to come down to their level, their age and mindset and gradually build on them from there properly laying foundations for a new generation of martial artists. The fruits in teaching the younger ones are visible when the small child grows up to be a teenager and when you look at them train you feel the sense of appreciation within at the well molded martial artist they have turned in to today. It also makes you realize that years have passed by.  

With this said lets step into the crazy world of a Jukaadoka -

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