Saturday, November 3, 2012

They say - Those who can't do, teach - however I train and teach both

Saturday is the day I give myself a break from the morning training. A day I do not run around the park like a horse and sleep an hour longer. However Saturday is the day I need to be at a school by 8am to teach kids.

Reached school early today and was listening to my Buddhist Chant music to focus on the task I had ahead of me. The school is preparing for their sports day which is planned for 1st December. Have to make a Jukaado demonstration for the sports day. 

Years of involvement in martial arts has made my mind very focused to any task I have ahead of me. Within 5 minutes had the complete plan for the demonstration then the task of selecting students for the part that suited them best started. Within 2 hours the students were selected and the complete demonstration practiced a few times. Have to get the roof tiles so that the students can practice the Tamashiwara techniques a few times before the sports day. 

I usually just go to any shop selling tiles and buy them however I know of martial arts trainers who get them made with a hollow in the center of the tiles so they break easily and for sure. I ask them whom are they fooling ? The students will always feel under confident as they will know they broke fabricated tiles or bricks. This is totally wrong and unlike a true martial artist. I did rather have the students fail in breaking a genuine tile than cheat them and myself by using weakened tiles or bricks. 

Anyway am not here to judge them, may be it suits their training needs. For me if it is not realistic it is not training but a form of drama practice. To each his own. 

Reached class by 4:30 and had 1 hour plus to burn some calories not that I ever count them. Started with a set where 1 set = 2 minutes skipping, 100 knuckle push ups, 100 squats, 50 leg raises and 5 minute plank variations. Could get in 12 such sets before students started coming. Had a training video to shoot before class so with the students that had come we shot our video. This complete thing of shooting videos for our website has made most of the students good with movie direction and they move on their own to get the different angles. So with martial arts we also teach cinematography  ( hahaha).

The class was nice today not too strenuous and more technical with regards to some throwing techniques. 
Have an awesome jog planned for tomorrow morning and some cool breakfast to accompany it.

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