Monday, November 5, 2012

Tile Hunting for Tamashiwara

Monday blues are something even a disciplined martial artist like myself get attacked by. Woke up early and meditated but then the body was feeling lazy to get up and go for the morning workout. Dragged myself out of bed and got dressed however once I reached the park I was in my element and ready to train. Jogged for an hour followed with Sanchin kata and 2 sets of squats and push ups of 100 each and last but not the least my favorite body conditioning by banging poles and striking the makiwara.

Body Conditioning is a very important aspect in my training and it should be a very important part for any martial artist. It strengthens and makes every bone hard and denser than it was before. Some say that it causes Arthritis. However there are so many people who never train in any martial art and still get Arthritis. I feel the risk of Arthritis is there only if one directly starts with very hard objects. If one begins with softer objects for conditioning and gradually advances to harder objects or conditioning methods then I do not think one could get Arthritis because of conditioning. A gradual improvement in body conditioning a step at a time will prepare the body for harder objects without any harm to the body. 

After the morning session had to go out tile hunting for the demonstration at the school sports day. Breaking techniques or Tamashiwara is something am not too fond of. It is an irony that I spend hours daily conditioning my body and yet do not like to break stuff with the conditioned body. I feel Tamashiwara is more of showing off and I prefer to be humble and modest. May be it is just my point of view. Was planning to make the students break roof tiles this year. Searched a lot but could not find the flat roof tiles finally found a shop that was selling 1/2 inch Shahbad stone tiles. Was a bit apprehensive if it would be ok for the kids. Requested the shop keeper if  I could check how strong the stone tile was he agreed so I just removed my glares from the head picked 1 stone tile and banged it on the head and it broke. The shop keeper and his staff freaked out seeing me bang a stone tile to the head, he was worried if I had cracked my head open and insisted that I sit and he checked if I was bleeding. He was really scared offered me water asked if I am feeling giddy. Then he said Please don't do all this in my shop. I negotiated the price with him and left.  

Sometimes things we martial artist do really scares people who have never been exposed to martial arts. It was very funny wish I had taken a video of the whole stone breaking scene. Seeing the genuine emotions of concern and fear in the shop keeper and his staff I controlled myself from laughing.

Reached class an hour early and started my usual set. 1 set = 300 skips, 100 tricep dips, 100 squats and 100 knuckle push ups. Completed about 15 sets before it was time to start class. Class was great as usual. 

A day well spent for me is a day when I have meditated and trained enough.

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