Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Am I Really Crazy???

Today evening I happened to meet up with some martial artists and sports coaches. Some I have known for quite a few years others were introduced to me today. We were just going about with some normal conversation and some how a sports coach mentioned about the hard and intensive training that he has witnessed in Jukaado training. This as usual lead the martial artists who met me for the first time to object. They started of as to how powerful and superior their art is. I do not like such conversations and feel sorry that such egoistic people are actually out there imparting training in martial arts to students. I honestly do not believe any martial art is superior or inferior and moreover I strongly believe that there is lots for me to learn still. Jukaado being my dream child also is constantly evolving and adapting new techniques or improvements in execution of already existing techniques.  I did not object and just accepted that I agree with them with regards to the superiority of their art. Was hoping they will end the conversation when I accept their superiority but I was wrong. Some how people like to test themselves on others when in reality one just needs to test if they have improved from where they were yesterday. Having said that one of the martial artists just suddenly lunged forward to grab my collar. May be to boast about his strong grip or to make an effort to further show the superiority of his art. My body just responded really fast and from the sitting position in the very comfortable chair I ended up locking his arm in an arm bar before he could even touch my collar. The martial artist who tried this practices sports martial art ( in my opinion martial arts can never be a sport ) and has never trained in any conditioning, grappling or locking techniques.  The moment I applied the arm bar that person yelled out in pain. It happened so fast that may be because of it being my bodies response to a sudden attack there was a fair amount of power in the movement too. Seeing what just happened a few others started saying that I am crazy and only a mad person would do such an act. While those who know me from years blamed the poor fellow who tried to show off by attacking me suddenly for no reason.

I do not think I am crazy. Yes I may be passionate to improve and train as realistic as one can but am surely not crazy. Crazy are those who like to go about boasting or proving their superiority. It is sad that martial artists behave like this.

 When the seed itself is not mature how will it grow in to a plant that bears fruit. 

It is such people who go about spoiling the image of martial arts and even what a martial artist stands for. Am happy to say that our videos online have got me in touch with quite a few genuine, passionate and true martial artists. Knowing them I am reassured that still there are good and authentic martial artists out there. 

Today's Workout - 

Started the day with a jog at a decent pace followed up with some shadow boxing and bag work with Prateek. 

After the episode in the evening I was in no mood to train for my evening session of workout. Such behavior really puts me off as it is totally against my belief system. 

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