Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Another Year Ends - time for new year resolutions

With the last few days of the year we all set out to introspect. Did we achieve our targets? Keep up with our last years resolutions? What should we look to in the new year? What resolutions to decide on for the new year? and lots more......

Many times we end up realizing that a few months in to the new year the resolution goes for a toss and we may make the same resolution the next year to repeat the cycle again and again every year. I feel we should be very simple and realistic in setting our resolutions. A resolution should be what you as a person wish to do or achieve and not what others wish you to or what everyone considers to be cool. After all it is our life and not theirs. Be honest with yourself, sit and think of the year gone by and the areas or traits that you would like to change. For example - many decide to stop smoking or drinking and they do keep to it for a few days or few months and then get back to their vice again. Do not decide to stop smoking because all say it is bad or because every time you open your cigarette box you read that it causes cancer. Decide to stop smoking because your lungs need air to breathe and not smoke. Stop smoking because you wish to be fit and not dependent on a tobacco filled paper roll. Irrespective of what we decide to resolve for the new year understand why you wish to resolve so. If the reasons are right the chances of you sticking to your resolution are higher. 

For me the resolution is usually very simple - To constantly make an effort to improve from where I was yesterday in all aspects of life. 

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. 

Will be off to camp for 5 days and shall post again when am back.

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