Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ideas for Camp - Surprise awaits that will be remembered for life.

The clock is ticking and another year is about to come to an end. Time surely flies in our fast paced world. At Jukaado we usually end the year with a big bang which at times makes it difficult for few to dance on new years. We have our training camp in the last 5 days of the year.

As the days to the camp edge closer I get all sorts of crazy ideas which sometimes even scare me. It is not that I go about searching for them but some how by some divine intervention the ideas just come to me. I may be walking down the road and suddenly may see something that could be used in our training. It is these ideas that really keeps even the regulars at our camps guessing as to what could suddenly turn out to be a workout the next session. Well I would love to discuss some of the crazy ideas I have thought of but I believe - INSANITY IS A DISH BEST SERVED HOT. The brave ones who will put themselves at my mercy for 5 days are sure in for a surprise that they could never imagine.  I am sure they will be talking about this experience to even their grand children. Depending on their experience they will describe it as a horror story or as an adventure. 

Though I put my students through some really intense training my first priority is always the well being of my students, their safety and to make sure they do get enough time to recoup. 

Today's Workout - 

Started my day with a wonderful 1.5 hour jog followed by some wonderful body conditioning. Today was a busy day with classes and preparing for the sports day demonstration due this Saturday. Could not spare time for a workout in the evening.   

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