Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jukaado Demo by students at Hillside School Sports Meet 2012.

The last week was a week filled with commotion and lots of practice for the students and teachers of Hillside School. It was exhaustive for all the students to keep rehearsing their drills for the sports meet. The teachers on the other hand had their hands full with the work of arranging for the colourful costumes, fine tunning their respective drills, preparing the various races and so on. I guess all the effort they had all put in showed on the Sports Meet. It was wonderful filled with lots of energy, precision, planning and vibrant colours. The Chief guest for the Sports Meet retired cricketer Mr. Venkatpathy Raju mentioned that it was the best Sports Meet he had ever witnessed. That was a real confidence booster and made all who were part of the Sports Meet feel good to be appreciated. Even the staff who look after the government indoor stadium where we had the Sports Meet mentioned that they have seen many Sports Meets of numerous schools but they felt that the Sports Meet of Hillside School was excellent. Since I was busy running around arranging and helping out during the Sports Meet I could not take the pictures and videos of all the drills, races etc that took place. However each and every aspect of the Sports Meet was just perfect and awesome.

                                            Eagle the mascot for the Sports Meet with me.

It is easy to raise the bar what is difficult is to maintain the level or raise it higher. 

With this in mind we will hopefully work harder next year to present an even more spectacular Sports Meet.

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