Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kumite with 4 wild monkeys.

This complete episode or experience that I had today surely is hilarious now that it is over but at the moment it was taking place it was really scary and was like an attempted ambush. I was scared of being bitten or scratched by the monkeys as that would need me to rush for a complete rabies vaccination schedule. 

Since the cantonment area is very close by to my house and there being lots of open land with lots of trees wild monkeys do occasionally stray in to the houses. At around 10 am, was relaxing and watching a movie on the tv when I saw a monkey walking by. Got up  and tried to shoo it out of the house and was shocked to see 3 more of them. When I shooed them they all ran in to different rooms. One started eating bread and littering the floor, 2 of them nicely sat in front of the tv and were watching the movie, 3rd one was hiding below the tables and chairs and would suddenly charge for my legs when I passed by and the 4th one was just running around. Armed with only a small stick I decided to secure and close one room at a time and push them out of the house. Well it was easier said then done. Whenever I would try to remove one of the monkeys from a room the others would try to attack me from behind. That was really scary keeping me on my toes running, jumping and shouting to take control of the ambush I was in. At Jukaado we have a training routine that we call Bull Fight where 1 person is attacked by 3 people running and charging at him together. They have to push, throw and wrestle their way out while the 3 of them have to pin the person down. Well today I was in a similar situation only difference was my attackers were 4 monkey's. It was a really exhausting workout especially because of this 1 monkey who kept hiding bellow tables and chairs and would suddenly charge trying to attack my legs. He made me run, jump, kick and even lift furniture to scare him. A complete cross fit workout it was. Tried throwing some food outside the house but they did not move even tried shouting to scare them they returned it back with a unified growl from all of them. Some how when I was jumping to evade a monkey another monkey got kicked by mistake and he fell down giving out cries. Taking advantage of this I started shouting and banging the stick to the ground to make noise. They finally decided to give up and ran out. It took a full 20 minutes for the full experience and have not stood still even for a moment for the 20 minutes. It required me to be very alert and respond instantly to any movement around me. One wrong move would have got me trapped in a corner making it easy for them to bite or scratch me. Moreover I had to always keep a track of where all the 4 monkey's were to anticipate their movements and prevent being attacked by surprise. I am very lucky to have escaped without any injury especially since the monkey's were really very aggressive.

Though the situation was a scary one but it gave me a new idea for training. We could use 4 domesticated, trained, friendly and vaccinated dogs instead of the monkeys. Today after my experience I have realized that the reflexes of animals are very very fast and if one can train with them then am sure their reflexes and speed will also improve many folds. Just yesterday I was talking of divine intervention giving me ideas for training in camp and today I end up fighting with 4 wild monkeys.  


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    1. Do you prefer wild monkey's instead? Trained dogs are less aggressive and safe too since we can vaccinate them and stop the fight when we wish to.