Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Preparing for Camp

This is a topic which will have all sorts of view points and beliefs. I have been preparing for the very intensive 5 day martial art camps (which is held every 6 months) for about 27 plus years. I have my own system that I follow. Have looked up the topic of preparing for endurance races or boot camps online. Everyone has a different set of suggestions. I feel we are all different and so we should try out the different ways to prepare for such endurance events and then choose the one that we feel suits us the best. 

An intensive martial art camp or a boot camp far surpasses the requirements of some of the toughest ultra endurance events and races. The reason being the multi dimensional workout and use of all the muscles at a martial art or boot camp. One needs to run, crawl, pull, push, lift, fight and lots more thereby using the body and its muscles in totality. So I guess preparing for such events will surely improve complete body fitness levels. While in normal ultra marathons or triathlons the emphasis is on usually the leg and arm muscles. 

I usually push my training a few notches higher a month before the camp. Getting the body used to recovering from strain. This I feel improves and sharpens the recovery process which is very much needed when one is to train for 10 plus hours daily. About 15 days before the camp I begin to start a gradual decline in the intensity of my workout. Allowing the body to heal and recover completely yet not giving it complete rest. A week before the camp I train at a very high intensity on the 7th and 6th day before camp. Then give 4 days of complete rest from any cardio based workout before the camp. This is how I have been preparing for camps from many years. It is a system that works for me. I do not suggest that it will work for all as we are all different. However try it out if you feel it works for you then stick with it. 

 Today's Workout - 

2 hour jog with a 10kg sand bag in the morning. 
The evening workout consisted of 8 sets where 1 set consisted of  - 30 burpees, 30 sit ups, 30 leg raises, 3 minute plank, 30 mawashi geri (round house kicks) and 30 weighted shoulder presses. 

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