Sunday, December 16, 2012

Team Jukaado at the Rockathon

A 5 member team from Jukaado took part at the Rockathon organized by GHAC. It was a fun filled way to start the Sunday morning. The Rockathon included trail running, bouldering, rappelling, slack line and lots more. All activity that is fun for an adrenaline addict like me. GHAC is doing a good job in creating awareness of various forms of adventure sports. Moreover they also provide a venue for people who like to take part in adventure sports. 

I am punctual by nature and prefer to be early always than being late. We reached the venue for the Rockathon almost 40 minutes before time. Having nothing to do we started walking through the trails and climbed all over the rock hill formations there. It is the Jukaado way of doing a warm up. We  walked back just in time to join the group leaving for the trail run.

                                           Siddharth, Rohel and Ishaan relaxing before the run. 

                                                        The Spartan with his Vibram's. 

The trial run was fun though a bit short but enjoyable. After the trail run we did a bit of scrambling on some of the rock slopes and some jumping from one rock to another. 

                                         Ishaan, Rohel and Siddharth climbing up the Rock hill.

We would have loved to spend more time running around and climbing rocks but we had to leave early so after Ishaan finished his rappelling we jogged back to the registration area and bid adieu to the wonderful activity organized by GHAC.  

                                           Ishaan rappelling down the rock.      

                                                                    Team Jukaado.

Building ones fitness and improving on the fitness levels is the best way to spend some quality time. You do not only get healthier and fit but also burn up all the collected stress and frustrations ( if you have any ). It is a simple way to re- energize the body, mind and soul while having loads of fun. The rush of adrenaline makes you feel good and confident. Many think that one can only resolve problems or manage teams at work by studying for them. However they are wrong for those who train and are open to trying new avenues of fitness training and adventure sports develop in to people who are determined, witty, bubbling with team spirit and always ready to look at any situation calmly and finding an apt solution to it too.  

There is no better teacher and classroom than nature itself. 

Do study and work but do not neglect the wisdom you could acquire by going out and training.  

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