Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Train like a house cat or train to be a Tiger - the choice is yours.

I have great respect for all martial arts and martial artists. I do not mean to run down anyone or hurt anyone's sentiments. This post is about my logical view point of how martial arts should be. If for any reason you do not agree with this view point and still feel the way you train is right then I suggest that you never try to defend your self in a real life situation, as you may get severely injured. 

Any Martial Art (especially the old traditional ones) if looked back to the days of its formation has been formed to either train warriors, armies or to train a group of people to fight against those who are suppressing them. From this it is very evident that martial arts are training for realistic combat and not to play around. The traditional martial art training procedures of any martial art has always focused on strengthening the body, mind and spirit. It is believed that it is the martial art training procedures that have in many ways influenced the training programs for specialist defense forces of most countries. 

Nowadays martial arts seems to have become like the academic schools. They have fixed dates for examination and the students have a certain syllabus to complete. Even if the student is not physically and mentally ready for that grade but if he performs the kata properly he gets the grade. Is this Martial Arts? 

There are so many academies and even associations that train in only sports martial art. Am not against that however training like this does over time remove the concept of body conditioning and full contact sparring. How can you defend yourself in a real life situation when you have never trained for a real fight or even taken a number of full power kicks or punches on your body. Do you expect the robber to agree to a 3 or 5 point sport sparring contest with body protection gear and if he gets the points first you will hand over your wallet ? If you train to collect points just by touching then in a real life situation too that is what you would end up doing. Is this Martial Arts?

There are others who with very little knowledge go about calling themselves masters and impart classes and workshops. These people seem to have some knowledge of self defense techniques but their training areas are well stacked with all sorts of body protection gear from abdomen guards to forearm guards and so on. I agree one should avoid injury in training and that is why you could use the gum guard, groin guard and may be some head gear if you are going to attack with full power to the head. Can you take a fall properly on the road? Well they may have never trained outside their mats. An attack on the road can sway in any direction the fight may end up on the ground too. Preparing the body for this brings the need for conditioning and full contact training. If you do not train to get hit or you do not do conditioning then what good is your technique on the street. Even a single punch could end up putting you down on the ground what good is your technique then? Is this Martial Arts? 

If you do not simulate a realistic combat situation with real aggression and power then am sorry to say you are never going to be ready for a real life scenario. 

If you train gently and softly then you are a house cat with some tricks up your sleeves, however if you train traditionally the way martial arts are meant to be well then you are getting trained to be a Tiger.   

Do not waste your time being a house cat with some tricks. I feel very sorry for the students of people who teach a misguided version of martial arts. In my opinion if one has never trained full contact and tries to defend them self from an attacker on the road there is a very good possibility that they will get beaten up more severely than if they would have not tried to show their sport martial art knowledge. 

It is my humble request to all those who are teaching martial arts to think logically and teach the martial arts the traditional way.  You can still compete in sports sparring competitions but at least you are trained the authentic way too. Do not get fooled by classes or teachers who show off flashy moves or big certificates instead go to train from someone who will show you how to take a full powered punch. It is this training that will save you in a realistic situation. It is this kind of traditional training which is MARTIAL ARTS.

Today's Workout - 

A good jog at a decent pace followed up with some shadow boxing and bag work with Prateek. No workout sessions in the evening as am letting the body recover completely for the camp. 

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