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Life - Live it Well!!!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Recovery from training a big concept but what is it actually about?


 Very often I hear people talking or asking about recovery and most of time they are just very confused of the concept. Recovering from your training routine is very important. It not only makes sure you can give your best in the next workout session but also prevents any injuries due to fatigue.

So what is recovery actually?

Recovery is the time your body essentially the muscles take to recover, rebuild, recoup from the last workout. In my opinion with almost 3 decades of training sleep is the best form of recovery. If you are training daily then a minimum of 8 - 10 hours sleep is required to recover completely. Every body is different and over a period of time one could be able to manage with smaller recovery intervals but it still does strain the body. So better sleep well than not being able to train later due to injuries. If for any reason you have not been able to get a good number of hours of sleep then better avoid the workout than train and invite pain.

Am not too fond of supplementation and prefer to stick with natural nutrition. However there are recovery supplements available in the market and I do not recommend them unless you are competing professionally at national or international level. Nutrition is another important factor in recovery. We are what we eat. So make sure you get in all the food groups, vitamins and minerals to get your recovery on track. Most people working out have this misconception of having more protein and end up literally negating carbohydrates from their diet. Every food type is necessary for a good recovery. However their ratios will vary depending on your kind of workout and its intensity too. There are numerous health foods out there each one claiming to be good. My suggestion is try all of them in rotation that way your body gets a bit of everything.

Setting a well thought out workout plan or routine is also a key factor to recovery. Say you are a runner and you just keep running daily or 3 - 4 times a week you are bound to get injuries. When you keep running and do not focus on building muscle mass by doing exercises using weights or using the body weight and if your core is weak you are in for big trouble. Your body starts toning but not through muscle build up but by draining the body. Soon the muscles will not be able to handle the constant drain and the strain falls on the joints leading to all sorts of injuries. Always make sure you have covered all aspects of fitness in your routine to ensure wholistic fitness. One sided fitness is bound to bring an imbalance in the body and soon injuries follow. If you plan your workout well then each muscle group can get enough rest before they are used again.

Building stamina and endurance is good however one has to be able to understand the difference between exhaustion and fatigue. Most people do not feel they are different but when you are exercising / training they are surely very different. Exhaustion is your body being or getting tired temporarily due to the intensity of the workout. This is good to an extent as every time you push your self a bit beyond your comfort zone you work on building your stamina and endurance. Fatigue is tiredness of the muscles due to the strain or lack of recovery from the previous workout. I have seen many trainers who can not differentiate between the two may be because they do not know the difference. Such trainers are dangerous to people they train as when their clients / students complain of a pain instead of trying to find out whether it is due to exhaustion or fatigue they push them more and injuries follow. 

I try to keep my workout well balanced with a lot of rest time for recovery. Will list my usual workout below to give a general idea of setting a routine. I do change the workout routine every 3 - 4 months. My workout may not be suitable for you do not try it without consulting a qualified trainer. I have lots of time through the day for my body to recover you may not so go slow. I usually get time to sleep a bit during the day which allows me to train in the evening too. The morning workouts work on different muscle groups the evening workouts work on different muscle groups so there is no strain.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday - Morning workout - 5- 6 km jog followed by some martial art techniques and sets of push ups and squats and end with 15 - 20 minutes of body conditioning.

Sunday - Hill jog of  7km  followed by some burpees.

Monday & Thursday - Evening workout - Power and strength training using rocks as weights for upper and lower body.

Tuesday -  Morning workout - A combination of cycling with jogging. 

Tuesday & Friday -  Evening workout - light weights for remaining muscle groups along with core workout.

Saturday - Holiday from any form of workout.

For setting up a personalized workout routine to suit your goal, fitness level or sport needs you can get in touch with us.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My experience through an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear, reconstructive arthoscopy and rehab with physiotherapy.

The reason for this article is not just because I have or am still rehabilitating from an ACL ( a ligament of the knee) tear but mainly to give a patients view point of the injury and the process that follows with it. When I got diagnosed with an ACL tear I looked it up on google and you tube. Found a lot of of information and even videos by people who have gone through this experience but sadly none of the experiences were from India. That is when I decided to document the full process and put it online so that in the future there is information about the whole process from the Indian perspective. Actually I have not seen a detailed article on this by any patient all over the world. Most people have just put up their videos documenting their recovery. Hope this article helps those who have to get the ACL reconstructed to get a detailed idea of what to expect and what not to. It is also my chance to thank all the people that have helped me get through one of the most testing times in my life.I have always trained and been super active not able to do anything for 3 months now really was very testing for me. 

Before we go further I would like to mention that the article is based on my experience and not necessary that everyone may experience the same things. My exercise routine and rehab through physiotherapy was planned keeping in my mind my fitness levels and my need to build up muscle with synchronization to my bodies response to the surgery. I have followed what my Doctor and Physiotherapist thought was best for me. Always follow their advice, they know best. Please do not try what I did without consulting your doctor first.

I was planning on posting this article the day I start walking and have my knee checked by the doctor. Today I was out running errands being close to the hospital where I got my surgery thought of taking a picture of myself with the hospital for the article. My physio happened to be there at the hospital and said lets finish meeting the doctor now. Well was really nice to meet the doctor and hear him say that the ligament is very stable and well set however I need to work on my gait and build my quads up a lot more.

I would like to thank my family and friends who have stood by me and been very supportive through this stage of my life. I would like to thank my students who have shown so much concern and have been picking and dropping me from home to class and back in their cars. I would like to thank the auto rickshaw drivers who usually can be very painful but seeing a man limping they became human and were helpful in my daily trips to and fro for physiotherapy. My personal training clients who have been checking up on me and awaiting for me to train them again. This may sound crazy but I would also like to thank the 15 year old boy who for no reason came and stood on the narrow state highway with his cycle causing me to meet with the accident. The last 3 months have really been testing for me but also have given me time to introspect and look at life in a way I had never thought of, it has improved my will power by many folds and most importantly am now ready to teach anyone with any physical disability.

                    Took the pic today at the hospital when I could ride my bike and walk without the brace.
Dr. Naresh my orthopedic surgeon is a wonderful person and a very good orthopedic surgeon. He explains the complete condition to the patient very well and is very professional in his approach. I had seen an operation theater before at Yashoda Hospital when my father was admitted there but I can say for sure that operation theater at Dr. Naresh's hospital is any day much better and really well planned and equipped. Thank you doctor for all the care and treatment that I received from you, the other doctors, nurses and all the other staff at the hospital.

                   Outside Mr. Bharatram's clinic on the first day of physiotherapy after the surgery.

Mr. Bharatram is a physiotherapist and runs a clinic called Body Mechanics. Aptly named as he is truly the best mechanic for the human body I have ever come across. He is very down to earth, dedicated and personally looks over the treatment of each patient even though he has many assistants. I refer to Mr. Bharatram as doctor out of respect for his knowledge and skill. Mr. Bharatram is a good friend of mine whom I have been associated with him for about 2 years now. In  my 28 years of training I have never needed a physio but have come across numerous physio's and sports doctors locally and internationally I can from my experience say that Mr. Bharatram is top notch and one of the best in his field. He truly understands a persons injury and the best treatment that will suit the person according to his body and fitness level. Over the last 2 years many from Jukaado have visited him and we are very happy and feel secure knowing we have a physio like him to fix us up so we can train again. Thank you doctor for all your care, concern and treatment. All the staff at Body Mechanics are very good too and really do take care of the patients. At Body Mechanics you feel you are being treated by a team that is not working there but is there to help all get back their health, they all display genuine desire to serve.

                                  Body Mechanics - Jukaado's official Physiotherapists

ACL Tear - My Experience.

I had met with an accident near Bapatla on 22nd July 2013. There was no immediate swelling so I knew there was no fracture. However I got an x- ray done once I got back. Went to Dr. Bharat and he started me with physiotherapy as the leg had swollen up a lot in the next few days. The swelling made it difficult to diagnose if the ligament was torn. 3 weeks later when the swelling reduced he sent me for an MRI scan which confirmed an ACL tear. The next day I had an appointment with Dr. Naresh and was asked to come back after a week. A 4 week gap is usually preferred from accident date to surgery. I was made to start some exercises pre- surgery so as to build some muscle back which I had lost. A week later Dr. Naresh said we can complete your surgery tomorrow. Many videos online show patients walking normally the next day of the surgery without any brace or any support. This is what raised my hopes but sadly reality is very different. I do not know if the videos posted by patients and clinics online are genuine but they surely fooled me in to believing I would be back in action in a day or two.

                                            Took this pic to mark my surgery date.
I was given an epidural anesthetic injection which meant I was numb dead waist down. Was hoping to see the surgery since I was awake and in my senses but they put a screen and all I could hear was them talking and the sound of the drill ( I guess) which was used to drill through my shin bone and thigh bone. After surgery I was kept in the post operation care unit. This may sound funny but I actually did this. Dr. Suman the anesthesiologist for my surgery came to the post op care and told the nurse to shift me to my room once I get my leg movement back. Now crazy me remembered the movie - Kill Bill, where Uma Thurman talks to her toes to get rid of the effects of the anesthetic and I started staring at my right foot and said wiggle your big toe, wiggle your big toe. You know what it works!!!! The first person to meet me was Dr. Bharat who came and started talking of all the crazy things I do as part of training. It really motivated me to get back again. I did not have any pain in my left knee which got operated but it just felt heavy and swollen. Was discharged the next day and I limped home. It feels very heavy for the first few days especially when u try to stand up or walk you suddenly feel like loads of fluid is flowing into your knee. I had promised Dr. Naresh that I would take complete bed rest for the next 5 days which I did. Sunday I had my first set of staples/ stitches removed and was asked to come back after 15 days from the surgery to remove the remaining. 
                                         The staples which were removed 15 days after surgery.
I was asked to do the following exercises - leg raises, side raises and hamstring curls. It is very important to get the range of motion back after surgery.  My body is use to high intensity of workout however I started slowly and within a week this was my exercise routine -
   1 set =
100 leg raises in one go with holding few counts.
100 side raises in one go with holding few counts.
I use to do about 5 - 6 sets daily through out the day and 2 sets of 30 -50 hamstring curls in a day. This exercise repetitions is very very high and when I informed the surgeon and the physio both were not too happy. My physio called me up and asked me not to do any more than this. So please do not follow this unless your doctor tells you to. Icing is very very important. Just ice the leg every few hours there is nothing like too much icing. In the last 3 months have iced my leg so much that if we could collect all the ice I have used we can form a pretty big iceberg. 

I had to stop going to my school (Hillside Academy) and truly started to miss all the students especially the naughty small ones. Had even stopped my personal training clients after the surgery. The complete left leg was kept in a rigid brace which prevents any movement of the knee and is used to prevent any sudden load or twist to the healing knee. After 5 days of total bed rest I was going mad at home. Felt like a wild tiger suddenly locked up in a small cage. I felt I needed an outing regularly doing something I love to keep me in a good frame of mind. So I started going to my evening class which is 3 times a week and is just 2 -3 minutes from home. Students would pick me up by car and drop me back home by car too. 
After 15 days from surgery Dr. Naresh was not happy with my range of motion as I was not able to even bend 60 degrees ( full leg bending range is 130 degrees). I was asked to start physio therapy and started it from the 18th day. The first week a machine called the stimulator was used to stimulate and re-activate my quad muscles. I have very muscular thighs thanks to my crazy training ways. During my intermediate days I did 1500 squats daily for about 6 months. The result I could never get a ready made jeans to accommodate my gigantic thighs. Then reduced my squat training and took on running and cycling to tone them down. 
The above pic was taken from a distance during a 10km run in December 2012. It is visibly evident of the well toned thighs and their definition even from a distance. Now I lost all this muscle on my left thigh and had to build it back again which is no easy task.

After a week Dr. Bharat started me off on a machine called the Pilates Reformer. This felt really nice as I could exercise. This machine does wonders in just a week I went from bending 60 degrees to bending almost 90 degrees without any pain too. Have been doing 4 different exercises on the pilates reformer along with my previous exercise routine. I was and still am virtually eating, icing, exercising and sleeping one after the other all day. Sometimes when I wake up at night also I realize that sub-consciously I am moving my leg up and down. It seems funny but I guess my desire to get back my mobility is so high that even without me knowing my body was exercising in my sleep. Today I can easily bend more than 100 degrees thanks to Dr. Bharat and the pilates reformer.

On 20th October I completed 3 months from my accident and 2 months from my surgery. My brace is now removed am moving around cautiously without the brace and have also been allowed to ride my bike. Getting permission to remove the brace and ride my bike really boosted my confidence and motivation. Wish to get back to teaching at my school (Hillside Academy) and my personal training clients but I need a week to re - learn how to walk. The legs being tied up in the brace for two months have made the muscle forget to walk and will come back in some days. 

It is sad but true most people in our country get scared of surgeries and have this real strange attitude - " Till it works or can be managed avoid it" ( jab taak chalta hai chala lo baad mein dekkh lenge).
No one likes to get operated on but if the body needs it then delaying or avoiding it is foolish, the apt saying for such people would be - " Penny wise and Pound foolish." Well my advice has always been train as crazy as you can but never at the risk of your health and if your body needs medical attention never delay it for anything in the world.
I have a long way to go but I am reaching there a step at a time and reach there I surely will!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Life a meditative walk aimed at Healing and Growth.

Life a beautiful experience which gets mixed up and confused through all the wrong inputs and unnecessary believes and emotions we are lead to believe in. The rat race created by society has sort of made all of us into walking and breathing computers that are easily influenced by thoughts and suggestions from the people around us. Just like a computer functions on the software it has been uploaded with so do we it is high time we re -learn to reboot ourselves and set the software we need within us.

What is life? Is it about going around doing what is planned or expected from us by society or people around us? Is it about being a so called perfect part of society even though we have a fake smile and are actually dying inside everyday but supposedly put on a mask of being all well?

Well have spent most of my life immersed in Japanese martial arts which have brought about meditation, discipline and lots more in to my life. Have always been fascinated by life and how our thoughts, fears and stress can affect the course of our lives. This fascination has made me a learner always observing, understanding and trying to decode how life and people respond.

Life is a meditative walk aimed at healing and growth. Do not spend time praying or meditating when after you are done with it you are back to being the same person you were before you started. To change we do not need to sit in a quiet place and meditate or chant and pray what we need is to RE - A(na)LIZE  what we are doing or not doing and then change shall follow.

When we do not release all the negativity within we begin to become a warehouse of stress which manifests itself in the form of numerous ailments. From the time we are born we begin to fill our selves with thoughts, behavior conditioning, fears and so on. All these experiences affect the person we grow in to. It is not possible to change that but what is possible is to meditate on our lives and release, forgive and give love to all the people or situations that at some point have had an impact on us. It is not something that can be done overnight but yes it is something we can start NOW. The results will surely be visible and the change is what people around you shall notice and tell you about.

Try it out - Sit however you feel comfortable, switch of your cell phone or anything that could disturb you. Now just let your mind stroll back into your childhood as far as you can remember and move towards your now slowly. Initially you may remember very little or at times nothing at all but over a few days of doing this you will be amazed at all the incidents you remember. Start releasing, forgiving, sending love and good wishes to all those situations and people who we might have been angry or upset with at that point of time. As you start releasing all the blockages within shall open up and your ailments shall start vanishing too.
Once all your past blockages are released you have a clean slate and what you desire to write on it is what you shall receive.

Our life is this process of understanding our past, realigning our present to receive in the future.

Nothing is impossible the only thing that converts possible into impossible is FEAR. Release your fears and you can achieve anything. Try emanating with positivity all the time. Talk nicely with people you meet during your day. In your mind wish good for the person and you will see a notable change in their behavior with you. Just 2 days back I got in to an argument with an auto rickshaw driver who was drunk. At that moment I too got angry but while I was leaving I forgave him for his behavior and even wished good for him. Well today I was walking to the main road to catch an auto and to my surprise this same auto driver without me calling came and stopped near me and got down from his auto and apologized for that day. He agreed to take me where I wanted to go and was talking to me about him being very tensed with certain issues that day and he removing it on me.

This is the miraculous power of positivity and forgiveness. Yes at times life can really test our faith, believes and literally destroy any hope but all I can say is  -

There is always light at the end of a dark cave or tunnel what matters is are we looking towards the light or the darkness around us.

 So make every breath, every step we take in our daily lives our own meditation to heal and grow.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bike Trip to Chirala - fun, nature, good food, an accident, suggestions etc

                                                        On the Vijaywada Expressway

It all started one Sunday when we had our Jukaado family Lunch meet. Our senior student Prateek suggested that we can look at a place called Chirala for our next training camp. Especially since it has a beach it would be a nice place to train. Sravan our manager further supported the suggestion. That night I checked the place out on google and contacted few of the resorts there to plan our camp. Two weeks later the date was set for a trip to Chirala. 

My bike a 200cc Bajaj Avenger will complete 5 years this August. Had bought the bike with the hope of doing long rides but somehow work and commitments kept it far from being a reality. The Chirala trip gave me the perfect opportunity to have this long awaited bike ride and a wonderful way to bring in the 5 year partnership between man and machine. To sum it up the Avenger rocks even after 5 years. It handles well even on wet roads or rain, has good traction, balance and grip even at speeds between 80 - 100 km/ph. Good roads, muddy tracks, wet marshy tracks all roads are like a piece of cake for the Avenger. Secunderabad to the resort at Chirala is about 380km. We covered about 800 plus kms in the weekend.

It had been constantly drizzling in Hyderabad for the last few days but I had no intention to cancel the trip. So on Friday morning my pillion rider Lynette and myself draped ourselves in raincoats and started our road trip at 5:30am.  We had to go slow till L.B. Nagar as the roads from tarnaka till there were filled with potholes and the nonstop drizzle was making it difficult to see them. Surprisingly the rain seemed to vanish about 2km from L.B. Nagar. It was cloudy but no rains the roads were clear with no traffic and visibility had improved. Allowing me to zoom through the outskirts of the city. After crossing Ramoji Film City the roads are very  good even though they are not part of the expressway they are well maintained. We were cruising at around 80 - 90 km/ph. At around 8:00 am we stopped at Hotel 9 on the expressway for some cups of hot tea and puri. We took a stop of about an hour then continued. The roads were just perfect the clouds started to disperse bringing the sun out to shine a bit. We virtually had the expressway to ourselves with only a few trucks or cars every few kilometers allowing me to zoom between 90 - 100 km/ph. It was just amazing the wind in the face and lush green nature on either side of the expressway. My helmet began to fly with the wind it was like a good conditioning / strengthening workout for the neck and jaw. Stopped and tightened the helmet strap and whizzed through the expressway. About 50km before Vijaywada the expressway heading to Vijaywada diverts through few small villages and towns bringing settlements along the highway and hence reducing our speed to between 50 - 60km/ph. We entered Vijaywada to face the worst traffic jam I have ever been stuck in. It took us about an hour to just cross about 2km to reach the Guntur bypass road. The Guntur bypass road is good too but being a state highway was much smaller and had settlements along the road so preferred to stay within 60km/ph. 

                                                      The hills of Vijaywada.

                                          The state highway.

One should be aware of a strange practice of people from Vijaywada till Chirala - if you ask anyone for directions they always reply saying  Right  but their hands may point to the left. So basically look at the hands and do not follow their words because they always say Right. After crossing Guntur and entering the highway leading to Chirala it was a long ride. I think it seemed longer because we were getting hungry and could not find a nice place to eat. We crossed through few villages but there were long stretches between these villages with empty roads allowing us to maintain a decent speed. At Bapatla we did see a few decent places to have lunch but with Chirala being only about 15km from there we preferred to ride to our destination. We were heading to Ramanpuram beach at Chirala. With no rains after Vijaywada people were starring at us like we were from some other planet all covered in raincoats. We reached our resort - Palm Coast Beach Resort at around 1:30 and immediately ordered food. Which seemed like it took eternity for them to prepare I think they went to catch the prawns fresh after we ordered for it. The resort is small but has a beautiful location with the beach in front and a back water on its side. However am sure they can improve on their facilities and service especially since their competition is really well organized and professional in their service.

                                                     Palm Coast Beach Resort.

           The backwater beside the resort.

There are only two resorts at Ramanpuram beach - The Palm Coast Beach Resort and the Sea breeze Resort. The Sea breeze however is the better one to select. 

                                      The Sea Breeze Resort.

Saturday we went about discussing our camp with the managers of both the resorts and negotiating a good package for our students. The beach is virtually your own. Except for a few fishermen in the morning the rest of the day there are not many people on the beach making it ideal for our training without any disturbance. 
                                          Fresh catch crabs- Sushi anyone!!!

                                    The beach at Ramanpuram.

We made a trip to the Chirala town to fuel up the bike and look around. The food was very nice at the Palm Coast Beach Resort. The prawns were really fresh and made nice and spicy. Sunday morning we decided to check out a day earlier and ride 60% of the distance and stop at a hotel on the highway then finish the remaining trip the next day so it would be less of a strain. We left the resort at around 9am and were heading back. There was no rain and it was sunny. Just 30km from the resort on the highway near auto nagar there was this 14- 16 year old boy standing with his cycle in the middle of the road he just was not moving and being a narrow state highway there was not enough place to evade him. We were at about 60km/ph I kept honking and even started shouting too but he just did not move. I slowed down the bike to 30 - 40 km/ph and ended up banging in to the cycle. We skid along the road. Good that we were both wearing helmets as it protected us when our heads banged on the road. The villagers came to help us and I was relieved to see that my pillion rider was alright. However I was unable to land my left leg down it felt like the bone had shattered and there was nothing left. Two men held me by my shoulder and guided me near their homes and made me sit. Luckily the knee had not swelled up which is the first sign of a fracture so I was relieved. A wandering baba came to me and started doing something to my feet and my knees, it felt much better after he had played around with my leg. I had scrapped my left forearm extensively and a bit on the right palm too. Lynette my pillion rider had a bruise on the palm and a slight swelling on the left foot. An old lady brought out some powder and started applying it on the wounds that were bleeding at first I thought it was chunna so was okay but then she removed the bottle and it turned out to be Dermi cool powder. I anyway was already covered with the powder so protesting made no sense now. Quite a few people stopped and offered to help us out or arrange anything we want. Even the policemen that came by to inquire as someone had apparently called them up were very helpful. The boy whom we banged into was fine too with no visible injuries they were scolding him for sometime and then he just rode his cycle and left. After about an hour I was able to walk with a limp though. The bike surprisingly escaped with no damage except a slight bent handle. Feeling better I decided to ride to Bapatla to the hospital there and get medical attention. It was a 10km ride to Bapatla from the accident spot. The doctor at Baptla seemed nice he thoroughly checked my knee and confirmed that there was no fracture and gave me a tetanus vaccine and a diclofenac along with some anti- inflammatory tablets. We rode on to Guntur and got the handle straightened by a mechanic and continued riding. We crossed Vijaywada and stopped for lunch at a hotel. I was hoping to get ice somewhere to ice the knee but did not get it anywhere used ice cold water bottles at the hotel to ice the knee instead. Once on the expressway we were again cruising between 80 - 100km/ph. The last 20km to our stop at Hotel 9 was through rain and resulted in me slowing down considerably and a stop for 4 cups of tea too. We reached the Hotel by about 6pm and after pouring lots of hot water on the knee I felt better. The knee had swollen up a bit due to no rest to it after the accident but the movement was there and pain free so I knew there was no fracture. Applied lots of Capsidol gel on it and slept. The burning from the Capsidol gel was really helping in soothing the swelling. Next day we started at about 10am and reached the city by 12pm. Luckily it was not raining and we could avoid the potholes. We reached home at 1:30 after a good lunch I took some rest and headed for class at 6pm. 

I did get an  Xray for my left knee to just confirm that there is no fracture and am happy to say that the knee is intact with not even a scratch to the bone. The swelling of the knee is reducing too with the ginger treatment and magic oil that we use at Jukaado.

There are a few things that I realized on the trip and through this accident. They are- 

I am blessed with lots of well wishers and some very good friends. It is their blessings and good wishes that have saved me I feel. 

I should also mention the concern that some of my students who came to know of the accident seeing me limp to class was very touching. But they should know that am not going to leave troubling them with training so easily.

Wearing a good helmet by the rider and the pillion is a must as it saved us both from getting any head injury.

My training over the years saved me. My bike is heavy and the fuel tank banged my left knee to the road had it been another person who does not train like we do he may have surely shattered his knee bone. Even my forearm is intact without any pain in the elbow or bone though I broke my fall with it and it is completely bruised. My pillion rider has also learnt to break fall pretty well I guess as she only secured a bruise on the palm which would be used to break the fall.

Wildcraft an Indian company manufacturing adventure gear are really doing a great job. We were carrying a wildcraft rucksack ( Savan 45) which did not tear or rip apart even though it scrapped on the road with us. I guess we should all support such brands that are trying to come up by providing good quality gear.

May it be a national highway or a state highway the government should install crash barriers all along the way. It would surely prevent kids and cattle from running on to the roads like this. Had I been riding a car that boy who for some crazy reason just stood in the middle of the highway would have surely been severely injured or may be even dead with such a collision.

To sum it up -

It was a weekend well spent and am looking forward to another bike ride soon.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Importance of weight training and Protein Supplements when training for any martial art, sport or fitness routine.

Over the years I have come across so many people who are connected with some form of fitness routine but due to improper guidance or no proper training pattern or even a wrong idea of diet and training has ended up causing regular injuries for themselves. 

This post is aimed for these people who are serious about their training and wish to get over their aches and injuries and move to a healthy training pattern.

I have always stressed and continue to do so that if you are going to be stuck in just one activity then you may fool yourself in to thinking that you are fit but in reality you are more imbalanced or unfit than those who do not do any exercise. Well lets see suppose you are a runner and you just keep running you may have toned legs with a good running pace but you are not fit as your upper body will be weak and if your diet and training is without weights then even your leg muscles will be weak.

At Jukaado training is very wholistic  for we do about anything and everything that can be done. Whatever is your area of training, sport or fitness activity a good weight training program to accompany it is a must. Well it is simple you need to build muscle for better performance. Over the last year or so I have come in touch with a lot of runners all over India because of my connection with Spartan Race India. Most of the runners have shin bone pains, knee pains, IT band pains, ankle pains, hamstring pains and injuries. So we will use the runner pattern itself for all examples however it is the same logic that needs to be applied to all other sports and fitness routines. Now when you are a runner you are constantly building up your mileage every day running varying kilometers. I may not be a professional runner but being in martial arts and training crazy for the last 28 years I have run a lot and have an understanding as to the cause of these injuries that most runners face. In my 28 years I have not suffered any form of severe aches and injuries due to the proper guidance and training pattern that my instructors taught me with. If you are a runner and run daily then you are constantly working your leg muscles. When your leg muscles are not able to bare the load of the increasing mileage the strain shifts to the bone and joints and hence the aches and injuries occur. A runner should ideally give 3 -4 days a week for weight training and core training. They need to strengthen their muscle structure to enable it to take the load of the mileage. It is a long forgotten myth that weight training is only for weight lifters or body builders. Yet it is funny to see people still shying away from weight training. A good weight training routine is very important for any fitness routine. Yes you could give more emphasis on some areas that you may require for your activity of choice for eg a runner could give more focus on weight training for their legs and core and a bit lesser emphasis on the upper torso. A balance is what has to be achieved. I have seen the calf muscles of many runners in Hyderabad they all have a potato like toned upper calf and supper thin lower calf / legs well that is a clear indication of inadequate training. Yes their calves look toned but are toned and shrunk instead of the muscle growing and getting toned. Some will argue that professional marathon runners from the continent of Africa are like that too. Well in their case it is genetics that makes them super lean and it is the same genetics which makes their muscles capable of long distance running and endurance activities. For all the others we need to grow our calf muscles and strengthen them. Observe the calf muscles of international footballers they are at times bigger than the biceps of most people. That is a healthy calf muscle. So do get around a good and well balanced weight training routine and trust me you will see the difference.

A great master once told me - The greater the disparity between the softness of a muscle when idle and the hardness of the same muscle when flexed is the best way to know how healthy the muscle is.

Diet is also an area most neglected by many. There are many who feel that a good balanced diet is sufficient even with intense training. Well they are wrong. When we train we not only expend the bigger nutrient groups of protein, carbohydrate etc but also expend numerous minerals and vitamins. Even if you are having a well balanced diet you may recover the protein, carbohydrate, fat etc required to meet your training needs  but may not get the amount of minerals that you have expended. Most minerals and certain vitamins are available only in traces in our natural well balanced diets. So if you are not training intense a well balanced diet will provide enough of all minerals and vitamins. However when you train intensely you will expend a lot of all these minerals and vitamins too. Which a healthy well balanced diet may not be able to replenish before the next workout. This will result in a deficit and over a period of time affects muscle recovery and other functions of the body. That is why it is important to depend on protein and other supplements as they have a mix of all the required minerals and vitamins required for a healthy training pattern. I do not say consume very powerful supplements especially if you are not training professionally but a decent supplementation is necessary. 

It is all about finding the balance between your workout, weight training and diet. It is not necessary what works for one person will work for you too. You need to find the perfect ratio of all the 3 such that your health and performance are both benefiting. 

If you are facing such stress pains and injuries and would like a personalized training plan or guidance for yourself you can get in touch with me.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Life - A Reflection of our Thoughts

Our thoughts play an important role in shaping the path our life goes through. It is these thoughts and daily affirmations that can make the difference between joy and pain.

Our life in many ways is a reflection of our thoughts and affirmations. If we see the world as a place filled with negativity or things we do not like well then that is what we will actually get in our lives. What we think is what we get.

It seems such a simple solution but is not so easy to put in practice for many. Let us look at it with an easy example. If a person views, believes and even keeps affirming that everyone in the world is out to get them then over a period of time it will change their behavior with everyone.This person will begin to get excessively doubtful and suspicious of everything and everyone.  This change in behavior will end up making everyone stay away from this person there by the person truly ends up feeling lonely and as if everyone in the world has really ganged up against this person.  

Yes Life is not a bed of roses and we all do go through ups and downs. It is when we are in the downs that we need to keep our head up and affirm the positive in our thoughts otherwise our lives will just experiencing more and more of the downs. When we are going through a down phase of our life we are in a state of chaos, we need to calm down and let the turmoil within settle. Then collect what is useful and walk ahead getting rid of all the unnecessary baggage. Complaining is the easiest thing to do for all of us. We tend to focus more on the things we do not have than the things we have and the result is a constant dissatisfaction within. I had read this wonderful thought in a book I think by DR. Wayne Dyer -

                             I had no shoe and I complained till I saw a man with no feet.

 A very simple yet powerful tool to starting a great day daily and remodeling our lives is to give GRATITUDE
Every morning as soon as you wake up just say a thank you for another day that you have to live and experience. While you brush your teeth, bathe, sip on your coffee / tea or are getting  ready to start your day just count your blessings no matter how small they may seem but just keep counting as many as you can and just say a thank you for all of them. This simple exercise will surely make you feel better and charge you up with positivity. You will leave for work with a happy mind and heart that is ready to go out there and make a positive difference in your as well as the lives of others around us.

It is easy to blame destiny, luck and all other things around for all that goes wrong. Well you can not do anything with things that have gone wrong but you surely can take charge of your own thoughts. With control over your own thoughts you can visualize and affirm all the changes you desire and they shall manifest in to your reality for sure. Change is inevitable how we look at it is the difference between positive and negative.

Just like every drop of water contributes to filling an ocean,
                                                                              every thought contributes to filling our lives.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Listen to my advice and train WISE or you may end up paying the PRICE.

Very often I get to hear from people who do not train with me that they have heard that training in Jukaado under me is very intense. They also mention that almost all training at Jukaado get joint or muscle injuries often. 

Well today I wish to put an end to this myth / rumor by explaining a bit about the training and where things go wrong.

Most group classes may it be a martial arts class or any other form of fitness will always have a mix of senior students or students who have been training from many months / years and those who have joined recently.
There is nothing wrong in such a mixed group if the instructor knows how to alter and calibrate the workout for all the different levels of fitness at the class. 

At Jukaado we do train intense and we do push our training way beyond the impossible but that surely does not mean that I throw the students into the fire not caring for their health and safety. Our training program is actually completely injury free and safe. I have been training for over 29 years without any major injuries and there are many students who have been training from over 8 - 10 years under me without any severe injuries. When you do any physical activity it is common to sometimes have a slightly  strained muscle or a bit of ache due to wrong footing by mistake. However proper training procedure and care ensures no severe injuries unless an accident occurs. 

The rumor / myth - Most training in Jukaado get joint or muscle injuries.
This rumor / myth is created and spread by the few that come to train at Jukaado and run away in just a few days because of their wrong doing. At our class the regulars do many sets of 100 repetitions of squats, push ups and ab workout along with lots of kicks, punches, techniques and so on. However we do not expect new comers to do so much. I always inform the new comers to workout slowly and build up their repetitions over a period of time. I ask them to start with just 20 - 30 repetitions and also to take a break if they are feeling tired or strained. Some of them take heed to my advice and gradually build and improve their fitness levels at the pace they are comfortable with. These go on to continue at Jukaado and surpass their own expectations of health and fitness. There will be a few who do not take my advice to go slow and try to compete with the senior students in the repetitions and this sudden strain ends up causing severe aches the next day. Even after the aches they continue with this for few more classes and the aches just keep shifting depending on the workout. Finally they run away and blame my training methods at Jukaado for their misery when in reality it is their own fault.

So in reality some people come to Jukaado and dig their own grave but blame it on the training at Jukaado. Always start training at the level you are comfortable at. Gradually build up your fitness levels, stamina, endurance and so on. Find a good trainer who is well experienced and balanced. Follow what the trainer says even if you feel that you could push yourself more. 

I will surely be there to push all training to achieve that little bit more than they thought they could but I am also there to guide and tell all when they need to take a break or if it is enough for them. If even after my constant advice one wishes to prove that he / she is the best at class then am sorry to say they will most likely be the first one to fall down. 


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Recover well or discover pain and injuries.

Recovery is one of the most important aspects of any form of physical activity, sport, fitness training or martial art. Just few days back I received a suggestion from my Sensei (teacher) of the Japanese language to write on this subject. So here we are discussing recovery. I hope I do a good job of it. The article is just a generalized guideline of the importance, how to go about it and how to improve recovery time. 

For a detailed or personalized recovery program suited for your body type, fitness level and workout you could contact me.

What is Recovery????

The time taken by the body ( muscles, ligaments, joints ) to recoup from a workout is called recovery. It is in this time that the body builds back broken down muscle and tissues as well as relaxes and comes back to how it was prior to the workout (strain free). 

In my opinion recovery is actually more important than the workout itself. Suppose you train today and the body has not recovered completely and you workout again you are training with the body already being in the negative, without it being in optimum condition. This is something most people overlook which leads to build up of stress in the muscles and joints finally rising as stress injuries. Quality rest time is essential for a quality workout. A good recovery plan will ensure better workout levels, no build up of stress injuries, no fatigue feeling all day and most important longevity in your ability to train. 

There are no fixed rules as to how much time one would need to recover from a workout. It varies from person to person depending on their fitness levels, the kind of workout, the intensity of the workout, their general lifestyle and so on. However if you wake up the next day after a good nights sleep and still feel the strain in the area of the workout you did yesterday then you need more time to recover. That is why generally different muscle groups are exercised on different days giving sufficient time for recovery. This simple rule gets difficult to follow when you are connected with sports or martial arts as in these activities all the muscles of the body are worked on in every workout. You could try to reduce the impact on a certain muscle group while exercising that helps reduce the full load on that muscle group. When we have an intensive workout on a specific day we could follow up with an active recovery the next day. Active recovery is where you do not rest completely but try to use your normal daily routines to give you a low intensity workout for eg - walk to a super market which is a km or more away at a relaxed pace and walk back after shopping. 

In my opinion and personal experience the better levels of endurance you have the faster will be your recovery. So you will need lesser time to recover with increasing levels of endurance. Endurance is the muscles ability to function for longer time spans even after it has been exhausted. To build endurance we need to improve the core. Everyone nowadays talks of the core but most people work on it the wrong way. To strengthen the core muscles you need to train without sipping on water through the workout. Yes it sounds strange since everyone does allow sipping on water. Well when you do sip on water during the workout you hydrate and can workout better may be even longer. Now if you do not sip on water through out the workout and keep pushing yourself you are training when the body and muscles are in a  dehydrated state. However you need an experienced trainer to guide and supervise your workout, so that he / she can gradually build up on your endurance rather than give rude and sudden shocks to the body which can cause severe injuries. This over a period of time enhances your core strength and endurance levels. As your muscles adapt to function when there is nothing left too. This is the reason why a person with higher endurance levels would need shorter time spans for recovery. 

I have tried to keep this article as simple and basic as possible. It is not possible to talk of detailed recovery plans since they will vary from person to person. Hope this has given you a generalized idea of recovery and its importance. Do feel free to send in your comments or suggestions for any article you would like me to write on. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's gonna be hard but hard does not mean IMPOSSIBLE.......

                    Performing suspended plank by hanging from 2 rubber tubes of a cycle.

Very often I have had my training methods questioned by new comers to class or even by those who have heard of my insane training practices.  I often feel that people just give up too easily. Yes I agree my training is tough and many even say that my training is like am actually training soldiers for war but it is not IMPOSSIBLE.

Over the years I have fine tuned exercises and training routines to the extent where one gets maximum benefits and no stress injuries. The real issue here is not that my training is tough but that most of us are just bone lazy, we want to get results without much effort, it is easier to be awed than to sweat it out and push yourself to excel. 

I do not expect new comers to be able to do a 100 push ups but yes over the weeks I shall push them till they achieve what they believed to be impossible. Along the way the body that has never trained like this is bound to get some aches and pains but with the help of some Capsidol Gel most are back to train harder the next class. I teach martial arts and that means you will be hit and hit others but there is a procedure that is followed only once I feel one is ready to start with mild conditioning are they made to begin. It is very safe and there is no need to worry about breaking bones or any catches. A person can sprain their leg or pull a muscle just by walking in their own house. So sighting this as a reason to avoid pushing your self physically makes no sense. However sometimes a person may have a muscle catch or inflamed joint for that we have a few treatments and remedies in place like - our ginger treatment, magic oil and even a very well trained and knowledgeable Dr. of Physiotherapy who has helped many of our students recover soon and they all have been back to training like nothing ever happened. 

I have personally always aimed at pushing my physical limits not only in martial arts but in any form of workout that is out there. This is the factor that pushes my training routines high up and makes some wonder - If all this is required. I have been training for almost 3 decades and am teaching for over a decade now, the transformation and improvement that I have seen in the students of all age groups may it be 4 year old kids to 40 + men and women is just remarkable. 

Today those who have invested a few years ( some have invested over 8 years) of training with me regularly have almost become like walls of stone that feel no pain and can run for hours, climb, crawl, trek, cycle, jump etc. You name it they can do it. Now that is a feat I try to guide all to achieve.  

          To excel way past what seemed like the Horizon is what Jukaado is all about.

Recently we trained non stop for 24 hours and as news of that spread it seems to have scared quite a few. 
I have not lost my mental balance I only train crazy so obviously if I have made some of the students train non stop for 24 hours I was well assured of their ability to do so without any physical harm coming their way. I was monitoring their physical training levels for some time and once I felt that they were all ready for such a workout we went ahead and did it. That is called pushing yourself to excel. Yes the workout was tough and very challenging too but it was not impossible. Words will not be able to explain the confidence that such training brings with it. Increased will power, discipline, high levels of concentration, super human like fitness, leadership skills that no business management program or other course can ever instill, humility, kindness and respect  are  only some of the numerous personality traits that develop with such insane training.
Some say we just wish to train to get fit we do not wish to push ourselves like this. Well I ask you - How do you define being Fit? Yes you may start getting healthy, well toned but does this mean you are fit and can relax now? Well according to me being fit is to push your body to the extremes and achieve the maximum your body can physically achieve. In my opinion there is no limit to how much you can push your body. All  you need to do is push yourself gradually and there are no bounds to what you can achieve.

What really matters is - 
                                      Will you say -
                                                        I can not 

                                                                          I JUST DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So you think you are Fit. Are you really FIT???????

Fitness has a different definition for most people. Lets see how some people view fitness -

For the extremely lazy fitness may mean not falling ill even if they are overweight or not physically fit.

For a body builder or gym addict fitness may mean the ability to lift heavier weights.

For a runner / cyclist fitness may mean having well toned legs and the ability to run / cycle long distances with a good timing.

For an adventure addict fitness may mean the ability to do numerous adventure activities.
    and so on..................................


Well this is a subject which is very important to me and is at the epicenter of any of my training routines or my approach to training. 

Fitness is not about being able to be very good at a particular activity, If we are good or even excel in a certain activity we are just approaching fitness from one side and this over a period of time will ruin the balance of our body. Fitness is multi - dimensional it has to be approached from all sides.

So if you can run 100kms or you can swim 3kms or you can lift 100kgs etc that does not make you fit. Yes you will be healthier than those who do no physical activity but you are NOT FIT.

To be fit is to have all the muscles of the body in pretty good condition. This is something which is only possible if you train WILD. What I mean by WILD is that you should train in everything. Don't just run do weights, cycling, martial arts, adventure sports, swim, play a sport and any other physical activity you come by. 

This is a concept I understood from my instructors of martial arts. Martial arts is the training for war. Most of the martial arts are formed to train soldiers or by people fighting back to reclaim their freedom or protect their freedom. So keeping that in mind if you train in any traditional martial art under a good instructor you will experience training in everything. I may sound very biased being a martial artist myself but it is the truth. I have had the privilege of doing all sorts of activities during my martial art training. 

Starting today let us aim at approaching fitness multi - dimensionally the way it actually should.

I have lots of respect and appreciation for people who are good at certain physical activities. That said done I constantly try to change the mindset of such people. Some times it is just the fear of trying something different, some times it is just excuses like - I anyway train a lot and am fit so why try something else or many times we try to hide behind our age, when in reality age has nothing to do with what you train in, yes you may need to start of slowly and gradually improve but you surely can train crazy at any age. Well then all you are doing is just following a single path when you have the world to discover and trek through.

My training sounds scary and insane to most and many run far away after just a few sessions. Those who have stuck around for a few years or more are today like super humans. They can easily run for 2 hours or more then train for another 10 hours or more. 

How many of you can train nonstop for 24 hours??????

Yes that is exactly what my students have achieved just a few days back. The best part is they trained for the first 10 hours without any food or water. The 24 hour training involved everything from sitting in torturous freezing cold ice water for 1.5 hours to 4.5 hour trek carrying logs, running, weight training, sparring, body conditioning and lots more. All this without much of rest time in between. They had already trained about 15 -18 hours before starting the 24 hour nonstop workout and did train for about 8 - 10 hours a day for the next 2 days after the 24 hour nonstop workout too. THIS IS CALLED BEING FIT.

Only if you approach fitness multi - dimensionally will you ever be able to do something as insane as this. Am not saying that my students or myself are super fit or the ambassadors of fitness. We have a long way to go with our targets ever rising higher than the last one. We have a lot to learn and improve on but we are approaching fitness in the way that it should and that is where lies the difference. 

Our next target is to train nonstop for 36 hours and then it will be 48 hours and 60 hours and 72 hours and so on..............

Never look at the horizon and say it is not reachable for you can only find out once you start moving towards it. 

          GET UP!!!!                GET MOVING!!!!!!!!                           TRAIN CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

                               TRAIN TILL YOU DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Squash Ball keeps the feet and legs healthy and helps to heal faster.

Our feet are filled with numerous nerve endings, no wonder the feet are also used for reflexology which is a part of acupressure. Whenever we walk, cycle, run, train or play any sport we are constantly straining our legs. Even if we have the perfect stride or leg movement we are adding strain to the muscles and joints. This strain could easily be over looked as the effect of working out. Over a period of time the strain will keep building up finally breaking out as any muscle or joint related issues. Then we have to run to Doctors and worst of all take rest while recouping. Being very fond of exercising and not being able to train feels like someone has sucked all the air out of you.

I have been using a simple technique to help my legs heal and recover without letting the strain build up. I say so with my training background of many decades and yet not having any severe leg related ailments that may have stopped me from training for even a day.

Every day I keep a squash ball on the ground and then roll the soles of my feet over it with a bit of pressure. It is something which I thought of when I was learning acupressure. When you apply pressure on the ball and roll it along the soles of the feet it will relax and ease any strained nerve endings giving you an instant sense of relaxation. These nerve endings in turn will relax and ease the complete leg in general. Sometimes due to a wrong footing or foot stride certain nerves may move out of place or get suppressed which could result in the muscle in that area getting strained. Rolling the sole of the foot on the squash ball will also help in realigning them and ease the muscle aches.

After long runs or heavy leg workouts it is common to feel a bit of strain on the knee. Surprisingly rolling the squash ball on the soles helps relieve the strain of the knee too. A very simple method yet super effective. I also use the squash ball to strengthen my forearm and my fingers by squeezing it in the palm or between fingers.

So it is surely a boon to have one for yourself. However if you are already suffering from severe pain in any muscle or joint do consult a doctor immediately for proper medical guidance. The squash ball technique is only for prevention and I do not recommend them as the only means to heal an already injured or paining muscle, tissue, ligament or joint.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When all fails there is .......

Life is a journey on a bus with many stops en-route our thoughts decide which stops we get down at and why.

Many times there exists an imbalance between our thoughts and our desires this is what causes us to get disappointed as our expectations are not met and we feel lost. There is nothing wrong with this as it is part of the experience of being Human. 

We often blame everything like the people around us, our work, our relations, our health, how we look and so on for all the situations in our lives. However when we feel so all we need to really do is introspect in to our own thoughts and we will see that it is our own doing. 

Our thoughts are nothing but us ordering from a catalog which the universe manifests in to our reality. 

Am sure none of us wish to order something which we do not desire. So let us try to watch our thoughts. Yes there will be times when we will be tested when our beliefs, our desires, our expectations, our understanding of life will be shaken and at times even broken down. Then we begin to develop all sorts of fears and begin to loose confidence in our own ability. It is at these times our thoughts begin to wander towards the negative and once we get stuck in the vicious circle of negativity our life becomes just a series of disappointments one after the other everything in our life seems to be a lost cause. 

It is easy to get stuck in this vicious circle and am sure all of us have been through it at some point in our life and some of us may be going through it as I type this very sentence. Different people may respond to it differently some may fight back and give up a while later, some may keep fighting their whole lives and get no change, while a few will use the power of  HOPE and change their thoughts. Once the thoughts are changed and are ignited by the candle of hope the dull gloom encircling our lives will give way to light and the change it brings with it.

Hope is a powerful tool. It is hope of finding an oasis that can make a person cross a barren desert with a parched throat. It is hope of a more suitable weather and other conditions that makes animals migrate for thousands of miles. It is hope of light and change that the universe best displays with the rising sun everyday.  

Giving up or getting tired or just being pessimistic about every aspect of our lives is the easiest thing to do. I prefer to cherish the joy one experiences when one achieves something even with all the obstacles and disappointments that seem to be like a cascading water fall all through our life. This joy is unexplainable by mere words, it is out of the world. One has to experience it to understand it. Once one experiences this joy within may it be in the smallest of things in life it can get very addictive. 

Try this out in the smallest things in your life for example - form a positive thought of reaching office without a traffic jam. Believing in your thoughts makes the process more potent and will manifest in to your reality much faster. Trust me it works have been experiencing it daily from the day I was introduced to this wonderful wisdom of the ages.

Only if we take the plunge will we be able to swim and only if we swim will we cross the river to the other side where lies the treasure cove of our desires. So what are we still waiting for??????????????

Always remember  - 

 Our lives are the reflection of our thoughts. We can not change the reflection but we can surely change our thoughts.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An Evening well spent. ( Vibram's Rock!!!!!)

Today we planned to go for a trek in the evening to the hills at Moula Ali. Since we were starting by 4pm and many of the members of Jukaado would be still at work we only could take a handful who were  free. We shall plan another trek may be on a Sunday so that all can attend it.

The weather was not so hot as usual or it could be the gentle breeze on the hills reduced the intensity of the hot sun. It was a fun experience and an evening truly well spent.We all enjoyed the wonderful trek.

I have been wearing Vibram's (KSO) for quite a few months now but today's trek especially passing through all the boulders really tested the Vibram's and my toes too.

While scrambling up the slopes or even moving through the randomly stacked boulders the toes were truly exercised and used with every step I took. 

I truly enjoy wearing the Vibram's they really give you the feel of barefoot walking with the added benefit of protection from sharp objects like broken glass or thorns etc. While moving from one boulder to another when you stretch out you can really feel every toe stretching and working to help you move. I guess the toes help in getting a better grip too. I  have run up hills and crossed boulders with normal sports shoes too but nothing can come even close to the Vibram's as the toes truly help a lot. You really feel so stable and every step is also a wonderful workout for the muscles of the toes and feet. 

I have stopped wearing other shoes and only wear the Vibram's and really feel the change in my feet and legs. I feel even my kick has become more devastating or more powerful with the use of Vibram's. I have never had any issues of stress fractures or aches while using them. My calf muscles have developed a lot with the Vibram's too. My calf muscles were always well developed due to the training in martial arts however they seem to have got a boost since I started training in Vibram's. It is a shoe that everyone should invest in especially those who are into any form of physical workout or training.

After reaching the top we did 2 sets of 20 Burpees each and sat down to admire the city lights as well as the few stars that were visible and also had a major discussion on the position and movement of the North Star. 

It is always nice to spend time with my students. Am truly blessed to have a nice lot who are always eager to train hard and are like a family of warriors. It is said that like minded people are attracted to each other and seeing the enthusiasm of the students who keep up with all the crazy things I make them do in training I guess it is true. I appreciate the students who have continued training with me for many years ( some have been training for over 5 years others have been with me for almost a decade) especially since every few months there is a drastic change and increase in the intensity of training at Jukaado.