Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Growth and more insane training at Jukaado in 2013

A New Year has begun bringing with it loads of hope and positivity. The last few months brought about a radical change in my training routines pushing the bar many notches up. Seeing the intense workouts that I go through often people wonder if am getting younger rather than getting older. Well am just trying to follow the footsteps of the legendary Okinawan masters who seem to be defying age for sure. I would be pushing my training levels a lot higher this year.

Jukaado has grown a lot in the last year and people the world over are getting to know about it. I have received a few mails from martial artists who would like to acquire the affiliation for Jukaado in their country. Some of them are planning a trip to train in Jukaado. It would be nice to get Jukaado an exposure in many countries internationally. That being said it also put more emphasis on me to keep tweaking and  fine tuning my training with every passing day. Have lots of plans on training routines, once have tried and tested them on myself a few times then the students shall face it too. 

We will be having our Shodan and Nidan examinations in May 2013. Have lots of planning for that, some already have started taking shape while some parts are just a bit sketchy at this stage. It is going to be a fun filled 5 days where time will stretch like eternity and aches appear at the speed of light.

Wishing all a Fabulous New Year. May this year inspire all to be better humans and TRAIN TILL THEY DROP!!!!

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