Saturday, January 5, 2013

House Full at Jukaado Today.

Today the stage area where we have our Jukaado class on Saturday was full. We had full attendance today. It could also be because of the new students that have joined. The best part is these new students started with the camp and after the troubles at camp they have most happily joined our class. Some times students train and enjoy class but they never return after camp. So at Jukaado we believe if a student lasts and returns after our camp they will last and continue training.

It is always nice to have so many around you to train and have fun with. We did a lot of aikido based self defense techniques and some judo break falls and throws.

Even though the day was busy and tiring as I was teaching at school from 9am till 1pm but seeing the stage filled with students I was charged up and super energized and the result was a great class. I have this strange approach if I am left with just 1 student or with many students I get super excited and the result is heavy training. 

Did not train today in the morning as had to be at school early but did 1000 counts of skipping at class before starting the class.

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