Friday, January 25, 2013

Injuries, Training and Healing.

Very often am asked about injuries by new comers or those who wish to start training in Jukaado. To all of them I always tell that I have been training for the last 28 years and have no injuries nor have I come across anyone who I have trained with or whom I have taught to succumb with any injuries due to training in martial arts.

I would not like to sound biased but in my opinion I am convinced that training in any martial art in the authentic way it was meant to be will not only negate the occurrence of major injuries but will also heal old ones (injuries acquired prior to have started training in martial arts) and will improve your health or totally eradicate ailments from the body. It is this healing energy that makes training in martial arts actually something that people can do at any age. There are so many masters world wide who are way past their 70's and are still like rock and train for hours daily without any major injuries or health issues. May be that is why martial arts is called as A WAY OF LIFE.

This is my opinion that when you train in martial arts it not only improves your physical fitness levels but also works on improving your Chi / Qi energy within the body. This tends to heighten your spiritual self over a period of many years. 

If you do train properly you would never get injured. However there is always a chance of a wrong footing or a sudden off balance which could result in minor sprains and other muscle injuries. When you are faced with such a situation the ideal approach is to give it rest and return to training gradually. Over a period of years at Jukaado we have a good back up for such rare cases of minor injuries too. Some years back a very spiritual monk gave me the formula of an oil made with herbs and spices. I have been making this oil and giving it to anyone who has aches or injuries in their muscles or joints. It has been getting positive results and has healed many. I have great respect for the spiritual monk who entrusted me with this formula and hence do not charge for it and just give it for free. Sometimes I wonder why did that monk give me the formula. I did not have a lot of time with the monk and yet to be entrusted with something that has helped so many is a blessing from the Zen master. The other back up that we now have over the last year is a very good physio. He has been very prompt and accurate in his diagnosis and rehabilitation.  

To sum it up one side of my family has an hereditary case of arthritis of the knee. Being part of this chain and having been running and training very hard for the last 28 years and still not having any form of aches or pains in the knee is what I consider to be the effect of the healing energy of training in martial arts.   

Some eat to live, some live to eat but I live to train!!!!!!

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