Sunday, January 27, 2013

Split toe skin and increased threshold to pain.

This may seem like a weird coincidence for just in the last post I had mentioned about training being injury free and here we are typing out the next post on the split toe skin. Martial Art Training truly is injury free if one follows authentic training methods and steps. The injury I have succumbed to is the lax on my part to be aware of my surroundings.

We started class yesterday, warm up was almost over and was making the students go through a mixed cardio routine. The place where I was standing had a rough edge of the floor tile behind me not realizing I ended up jumping on the sharp edge which split my skin just below my big toe. However did not realize the cut in the skin and kept training and teaching. While walking on the mat I noticed my foot was leaving a wet spot on the black cover of the mats. Looking below found my toe bleeding. There was no pain so I assumed it to be a very small cut and continued training totally forgetting about the toe through out class. It was only when I reached home and took a shower did I realize that my toe was bleeding. After the shower I decided to take a better look at the injury to my utter astonishment the cut was very deep and wide. Am sure a visit to the doctor would have guaranteed a few stitches to fuse the split skin. Being crazy as I am did not visit the doctor just dressed the wound and got going with life.

It is astonishing to see that though the wound was very deep and wide neither did I feel pain or discomfort during training. I do not know if we should account that to the increased threshold to pain or to the concentration level during training or a bit to both of them. I have noticed often that people who train in martial arts have an increased threshold to pain than others. That does not mean that we go about trying to inflict physical pain to ourselves it is just that over time our body gets more conditioned to function at ease even when most others would writhe in pain. 

Anyway tomorrow I shall be back to jogging and training. I do not wait for the wound to heal I believe that I scare the wound into healing fast by training harder. Now that is a crazy approach which I would not recommend others to try unless they have been training with me for quite some time.          

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