Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday is our FUNDAY

Prateek described our Sunday training in the most appropriate words - "Sunday is our Funday, we jog over hills today".  It is nice to hear such words from people who train with me makes me feel that they are truly enjoying the workout I put them through. A fun filled jog in nature makes you feel one with nature. We spotted a few peacocks and their footprints along the way however being a Jukaadoka I would have preferred a crocodile or a bear to wrestle up with. There is nothing better to condition with than nature itself. The total distance of our jog was about 10km. It is a hill terrain jog where we run over 2 hills and involves lots of trail running too. 

 The beautiful reflection of the tree and hill on a very still water body with the sunrise in the background.
Was hoping a crocodile would suddenly lunge out of the water for us to wrestle with like in the movie "Lake Placid". 

The complete city was covered in fog today only the last few floors of the tall building in the distance are above the thick layer of fog.

We came across real big footprints of a peacock. The Vibram's are trying to compete with the peacock footprint. 

                                           Taking in the view of the breath taking sun rise.

                                           Jukaado V/S Wild.

                                          Prateek and myself - The Vibram Warriors. 

                             Team Jukaado members - Anil, Prateek and myself at the sunrise point.

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