Thursday, January 3, 2013

The year has begun and so has the training.

Have started my training officially from today. Once again the 4 - 8 hour daily training routines have begun. I enjoyed the few days of rest but some where I felt some thing was missing. I guess once the body gets used to the very intense high levels of training the body and mind miss the pains of workout. One of our senior and wise students calls these small spurts of pain or shock as Jig and he says " Jig is thrilling". Those who may not be training in severe conditioning like us may not understand Jig but I shall try to explain it. Jig is the sudden shooting current or shooting pain that sometimes even travels up the spine or through the limb that is being conditioned. It has now become part of the vocabulary for Jukaadoka's. 

Not experiencing Jig for few days I started to miss it. We had our 1st class of the new year today and we started it with a good session of conditioning. This year we will push the level higher. Aim to reach the ability to be able to train non stop for 48 hours without any rest in between. This year am sure the senior students of  Jukaado will achieve this feat with ease. For this task the regular training will be pushed to a more intense level. Class is going to be more fun (pain and sweat)  now onwards. 

It is nice to have found another student who will stay and train in the crazy ways of Jukaado. A good way to begin the new year by adding another family member. 
Today's Workout - 

300 kicks ( mawashi geri) with each leg with wearing a 2kg ankle weight on each leg.
500 sit ups with the 10 kg sand bag in the hand.
500 squats
300 knee kicks ( hiza geri ) with each leg. 
45 minutes of skipping. 
500 knuckle push ups.
500 tricep dips.

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