Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Train to adapt, Train to survive.

I often ponder on the purpose or authenticity of my training. Why do I train in martial arts? What drives me to train and try out training routines which many call insane? 

I like to consider it to be the work of Karma however I keep my training very realistic and aimed at adaptability and survival. After all these are the 2 traits that go hand in hand. One can not survive without adapting to the change around them.

It is great to be able to run a full marathon or even a half marathon but it is training to survive that allows one to run 21kms then be able to do 50 burpees and spar with 5 partners or more. We all prefer a nice cozy mattress to sleep on but it is equally essential to train to be able to sleep on uneven ground or a rocky surface and wake up to trek or jog for 3 - 4 hours without any sort of discomfort. A warm bath is something most can not do without but I suggest one to train to have bath in ice water. These are just a few sort of things I do off and on to train my body to adapt and survive in any situation it is put in.

I feel such training over a period of time conditions the body and mind to be ready for anything that is to be. It makes you mentally tougher and when the mind is tough and does not break down then the body will follow.

However I should mention that one should not attempt such training unless they are being supervised or guided by an expert in survival training or they have a very high fitness level or they are a (insane) Jukaadoka.

Today's Workout - 

5 sets of skipping each set is of 10 minutes.
10 sets of plank variations each set is of 5 minutes.
10 sets of leg raises each set is of 100 repetitions.
10 sets of bicep curls each set is of 20 repetitions.
10 sets of shoulder press each set is of 20 repetitions.
100 repetitions of knee kick with each leg.   

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