Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wonder, Ponder and Release negativity

In life we often come across people and situations which leave us wondering as to - What is this? Is it reality? Can someone be like this? Could something like this really happen? and the list of questions can go on and on. Am no saint nor am I always right. I am just a Human like others who errs just like all do. However at times am appalled seeing how people behave and how certain situations turn out.

I feel that the values of respect, compassion, bonding, honesty with ones own self seem to be dwindling and may be someday will become extinct too. People are becoming selfish, conceited and emotionally disconnected within. With such a scenario I often come across people whose actions or behavior really makes me wonder. Collecting all these thoughts through the day will just be like transferring the negativity from that person or situation to yourself adding to your build up of stress and negative toxicity within the body. Holding on to this negativity is very harmful for us at many levels. Physically it could lead to various forms of ailments. It could over a period of time also lead to increased levels of frustration and rage within the body. At a spiritual level negativity could hamper our growth or slow down our walk on the path of life. It is very important to empty this collected negativity.

I personally follow a way to get rid of all this negativity and clear my mind, heart, body and aura of all this negative build up. When am left wondering with such absurd behavior I ponder a bit over the situation putting myself in the shoes of the person whose behavior appalls me. Sometimes it could just be situations in life that makes them behave like this or it could be the way they are brought up or even the people they interact with daily. Pondering about situations will reduce the level of negative built up. After pondering a good session of meditation will cleanse the body, mind, heart and aura of all negativity. 

Life will bring with it all shades of colours some we may like some we may not but it is the process of growth as a person that makes us appreciate all these shades of colours like a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

Most people tend to get to rigid in their process or methodology of meditation. In my personal opinion meditation is the process of setting free and connecting with the spirit within. Being very rigid about this beautiful process may not make you truly connect within. It is easy to get disillusioned and egoistic about the depth of ones meditation. I feel once you truly understand meditation one could achieve a deep meditative state by even admiring the dew drops on the petals of a wild flower while still being physically present in the now. 

You do not need to sit cross legged or facing a certain direction and all the other preparatory procedures I have heard and discussed with many who meditate. In my opinion you can meditate even with your eyes open. You just need to be able to connect your heart, mind and spirit and you are meditating. Once you have truly understood meditation and its beauty you could reach to deep meditative states within a few seconds. 

Am not saying that am right nor am I saying that others are wrong. It is just my perception or view. This works for me and keeps me balanced and cleansed of all negative toxicity around. What matters at the end of the day is to release the negativity and break free from the shackles that try to bind down our spirit, our conscience and our emotional connection within.

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