Wednesday, February 20, 2013

110 miles (did 178kms) in 20days.

Being a passionate martial artist with the ever increasing craving to train and improve my endurance and body conditioning a good workout daily is just as important to me as breathing. My normal routine daily involves a minimum of 4 - 8 hours of training. One aspect of my daily training over the years has been my morning jog and workout after that. My last official timing at a 10k run in Nov 2012 was 52 minutes. So at an average I do complete 10kms within 45 - 52 minutes.

In the last week of January 2013 I saw a friend on Facebook attending the event - 110 Miles In 28 Days. I have never actually bothered to calculate how many miles / kms I run within a month. So seeing the event I was tempted as it would not only be a target to achieve but would also help me get an idea of how many kms I end up running every month. With this in mind I signed up for the event. The Facebook event link is below - 

I started the event from 1st Feb like everyone else and was on a good start with an average of 8 - 10 kms daily. I guess I would have trained and ran even without being part of the event. However being part of the event kept me focused towards achieving the target of the event. Everyday when you see people posting  how much they have run or cycled on that day it is a subtle reminder to add on your miles too. Am sure events like this can do wonders in motivating and pushing people who have just started working out and also to keep them going and not giving up easily. Though many of us have never met and are spread all over the world but to see a status of someone running even in the snow made me force myself to crawl out of bed and go run on some days when I just wanted to skip and sleep a bit longer. It is a very nice concept and am happy that such events exist to help people of varying fitness levels to push themselves to achieve the target or at least give it their best shot. 

There were a few days that I did skip out on my run in the morning. I would try to make it up by going for a run in the evening or run in the morning and evening the next day. After the first 10 days I was close to the half mark of 178 kms (110 miles) that is when I decided to try and finish it by 20th February itself. This decision really stepped up my pace in my daily runs and even tried running for longer than an hour at a stretch in order to log in more kms daily. Today the 20th of February I completed the target, this made me reinforce my belief that group training or partner training does wonders even if it is by being part of an event online. 

I would also like to mention that I did my run in my Vibram's (KSO). I moved over to the five fingers after my last half marathon run in August or September of 2012. The Vibram's are wonderful to train in. You can trek, hike, run or do any sort of workout in them. If shoes were cars then in my opinion Vibram's are the Rolls Royce of shoes. They are very comfortable and teach you how to really run the way we were made to. 

Though I have completed the target of 110miles seeing people post their daily distance logged makes me push myself to log in the same as them or do a bit more. So whichever way you see it is a challenge for all. I will surely be part of the next event in March. It was a great experience and am just happy to be part of  it.

I would like to thank the people behind the event and all those who have posted their daily distance logged in on the event page. By doing so they have actually kept many others focused and motivated to give it their best. I also wish all those still logging in the miles to keep it up.

It does not matter if we reach the summit what truly matters is how determined and committed we are to set foot on the summit.


  1. Have been following your posts for quite some time now. You are truly inspiring and have motivated me to start training. Have a long way to go yet but have lost over 15 pounds and I owe it all to your posts as they have motivated me to get fit. Thank you. If God permits hope to meet and train under you some day.