Monday, February 11, 2013

A training partner does wonders.

I consider myself to be very dedicated and disciplined to my fitness and training. Have been training 6days a week for almost 3 decades now so I guess I am pretty committed to training. Over the last few days have been feeling lazy to leave the cozy bed early in the morning and go for my usual run and workout at the park. Today I somehow broke this new pattern and went for my run again.

This is something that can happen to anyone no matter how disciplined you are or how many years you have been training. However there is something that can change this or at least help in curbing it from becoming a set pattern. 

The solution is - Having a training partner.

I personally train with and without a partner too. May be the long years of training have made training a part of my life itself so my workout level is the same if I train solo or with a partner. However I still enjoy to train with someone rather than train alone. A training partner is very useful for those just starting to venture in to training or those who know they need to workout but are just to lazy to keep up with their training regimen regularly.  

Having a training partner has many uses and benefits. The most obvious ones being having company while training. A training partner helps you get more committed to the workout it does not matter how committed you or your partner are towards working out daily what matters is that you train together. This makes both partners feel compelled to be there at the venue set for training so that the other is not left waiting while you are all warm and cozy in bed. I think it surely helps to move the lazy bones out of bed early in the morning. When you are training on your own your mind tends to focus more on all that you have done and somewhere within a voice keeps telling you that you have trained enough and you could rest. However when you are with a training partner your mind tends to be more focused on the training rather than the quantity of your workout. This surely will effect in a better workout. Humans are generally competitive, the levels may vary from person to person but all of us are competitive. So when you train with a partner it helps you push harder to improve. If your partner can do say 100 repetitions of an exercise you will strive to reach 100 first and then strive to do more than that which will then end up challenging your partner too to reach your level.  This really works have seen that personally with all the students who come to train with me when am training. There is a remarkable change in their training as they are constantly trying to be on par with me. When I see them coming close to my level I push myself to raise the bar higher so it challenges me and them too. That is why I always welcome students to come and train along with me.  So it is an unspoken challenge which both partners are aware of but no one mentions and yet both benefit. When we workout there is a general tendency to take breaks between routines or sets. Am not saying one should not take the breaks but too long a break and the body and mind both start making excuses to stop too short a break could result in excessive strain , fatigue or even injury. When you are training with a partner this seems to be resolved as a rhythm gets set between the partners and so they keep moving together not taking very long breaks nor very small breaks. 

There are many many more benefits from training with a partner but I feel a very long post makes it boring too unless you have a partner to read it with you.

So get up call your friend or training partner and go have some fun working out and getting fit for life.


  1. Yes....with a partner you do much harder. There is more accountability of getting in a good workout when you are not alone.