Monday, February 4, 2013

Awesome Video Flares Up the Insanity Within

Am blessed by great set of people around me. It is some sort of karmic wheel that seems to know the right time to push me a bit further. Many months back a senior student lead me on to the Spartan Race and that totally pushed not only my training but even of the other students to a very different level altogether. Today morning a fitness enthusiast and marathon runner lead me to a video that just blew the madness out of me. I guess the timing is perfect as usual. We were all just coping with the Spartan workout and now there is something else set at the horizon to reach. 

I saw the video about 7 - 8 times tried almost all the exercises that could be done without the need of equipment and decided this is what was needed to push me on to push me further in to a more intense training mode.

The results of such inspirational jolts on myself are really crazy and immense. After watching the workout video and trying few exercises from them I was just too charged up to calm down the result is here -

Workout -

Ran up and down 5 floors for 10 repetitions.
10 sets of 3 minute plank with a 10kg sandbag on my back.
push ups down 5 floors and return up with bunny jump on steps for 2 repetitions.
about 1 hour of weight training.

Now if all this was not enough I got this crazy urge for musk melons and not having them at home I took an old shoulder bag put on the Vibram's and ran for about 3km to a fruit shop that I know is far away, filled the shoulder bag with 6kg of musk melon and ran back home. Making it a total of 6km jogged.
 Finally ending the workout with 50 burpees. 

Had a big glass of milk blended with musk melon, flax seeds and some whey protein. Will take some rest now since I would be training again for an hour before class starts.Now am feeling a bit calm. It may sound like I am mentally unstable but only those who love to train will understand this kind of madness.

I have decided to push my personal training routine to an altogether new level. If anyone from the Jukaado family would like to push themselves with my crazy ways are most welcome to train with me at any time.

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