Monday, February 25, 2013

Do I train too much? OR Have I built my body that way?

Just yesterday a friend of mine who has been connected with fitness training for about a decade and myself got in to a debate that I do not give my body sufficient rest or time to recoup as I virtually train everyday. Well this is debate that I have had with many other people too over the years. 

Some say am going to reach a stage of  permanent exhaustion, some say I will develop serious muscle or joint injuries and the list of things people say to scare me is very long. To all of them I have only 1 thing to say - I have been training for almost 30 years now without any such injuries and have trained and built my body to be like this. 

There is virtually no limit a human body can be stretched and trained to. In my case even the mind has been trained once I start training I can go on and on for over 24 hours without much rest, food or water in between. Just reading the hours will make many think am crazy others will say am fibbing. Well yes am crazy and if you think am fibbing then lets train together for 24 hours and see if it is possible.

So then why does my body not show any signs of injury, fatigue or wear and tear especially since it has been so many years of crazy training routines that it has endured?  The answer is not easy to explain I feel one has to experience it. In my opinion if one trains in the traditional ways of martial art training then one builds or improves or strengthens their Chi / Qi energy. This energy is a healing force within the body that has the ability to even heal serious ailments. Besides the Chi / Qi energy there is also the methodology of training. I did not wake up one day and start running like crazy or buy an iron hammer and start smashing my bones with them. It has taken me years and all my instructors have guided and trained me in authentic martial art training methods. I have gradually built on my endurance, stamina and so on. Am no super human in fact my family has a long history of arthritis and with the amount I train there should have already been lots of signs of arthritis creeping in. However there are no such signs. I guess every time I bang my bones with an iron hammer I scare the arthritis away.  

That is why I give a lot of importance in the methodology of training. Proper methodology will not only prevent any injuries but will go a long way in making you far surpass your previous fitness levels. Training should always be wholistic or multi dimensional. A person doing only one kind of training and being good at it is often considered to be fit. Well in my mind that person is very unfit. You have to train the whole body and mind not just few areas. If you can  run a marathon I say that is very good  but can you train for 2 hours after the marathon? If you can lift heavy weights I say you are strong but can you kick a stack of bamboo sticks with your shin bone or run a marathon? Well this is how most of us are we restrain our training routine to just a few areas of our liking and leave the rest. This is a major reason why crossfit has suddenly picked up all over the world. Crossfit training is not new it is just a new coined term to old traditional training. The training routines of military personnel and traditional martial artists are very similar in most aspects except for the training in the use of fire power all the other physical training is more or less similar. The reason being martial arts were formed to train warriors and soldiers of the days back then. In fact many believe that Ninja's were the worlds first special forces who would be assigned just like today's special forces to go behind enemy lines stealthily and complete their mission undetected. A martial artist does not only learn to kick, punch, throw or lock we also train in conditioning our body and mind to adapt to our surroundings, to be able to survive in situations where a normal body and mind would break down. We train for anything and everything. Such training transforms the body and improves all the bodily functions which also includes faster recoup time. A workout that will require a so called fit person a day to recover from may take a martial artist just a few hours to recover from. 

This is something which a non martial artist will never understand that is why I say you have to experience it. Just a couple of months will bring about so much change in your health and fitness level which you would have never achieved in many years of other form of fitness workout. I do not say this by taking my own example but by seeing the change in the number of people I have trained with or I have taught.

Always remember two important things - 
1) Find a good teacher
2) Once you have found a good teacher trust him / her completely and do what they say

If you are lucky you will find a great teacher the difficult part in not finding a teacher but to completely surrender to them and follow their training instructions and suggestions to the dot.

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