Sunday, February 17, 2013

If not now. Then it will be NEVER.

Life has truly become a rat race we all seem to be racing through life maybe that is why even life seems to be racing with us resulting in reducing numbers of the average life expectancy worldwide. This dilemma of having so much to do in so little a time makes us prioritize our life's. There is nothing wrong with doing so but sadly society some how tunes us to have our priorities all mixed up. Many a times if we introspect our priorities are influenced by the people around us or what is expected out of us at a certain stage or age of our life. Let me ask - Who set these rules for all to follow? Well no one did and no one can for all our life's are different with varying experiences and situations. So basically we are the only people who can actually decide what is best for our own selves.  

There are so many things we wish or desire to do. Well try this exercise - take a paper and pencil and sit in a quiet place now let your mind wander back in the memory lanes when you were about 10years old. Start noting down all the things you have wanted or desired to do from that age till date. Most of us will have a big list with some of our desires accomplished but there will be a big list still left of what we have always wished to do or accomplish and have some how never got the time to do so. Excuses are always there some may be genuine at a specific moment but am sure after the temporary phase of the genuine reason passes away we still do not get around doing what we wished to citing another set of excuses.  

So let me ask you a question - 

Well this is the reality. Most of us keep postponing many things in life. Am no wise saint am equally part of     humanity in this habit of avoiding, postponing or citing frivolous excuses to hide behind or escape from doing what we truly desire.There is no fixed time to do anything and no one has the right to judge us for what we do and when we do it. Well if people do sit to judge then all we can do is feel sorry for them that they have nothing better to do in life than try to be the self appointed monitor of another persons life.

Our life is just as rich and enriched as we wish it to be. So get out there and do anything you wish to as long as you are not harming another person then just go for it. Do not worry about factors like age or how insane the thought is. If it is your desire then it could be an experience that your soul needs to grow and you need to enrich your life or just feel the thrill and joy of accomplishing something which forget others even you thought was a challenge for you. 

Always remember the human body is the best machine on this so called progressed and evolved planet if we can make machines to fly to distant planets am sure our wonderful machines (bodies) can achieve or accomplish feats far beyond the imaginable. All that is required is the desire and will to go for it. 

So let us all try not to let our life's be filled by things we did not desire but were told to be right instead lets enrich our life's with experiences that make us feel the joy of being truly alive of being the master of our own thoughts and actions and not just some puppets whose strings are in the hands of society and the people around us. 

So step out and go do what you desire to do now for if it is not now then there is a good possibility it will be NEVER.

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