Friday, March 1, 2013

All it takes is a Breath.

Breathing a simple involuntary function of our body is very important to us but is often neglected. Our complete body functions because of our breathing.

A single breath can be the difference between Life and Death,

A single breath can be the difference between Rage and Tolerance,

A single breath can be the difference between Chaos and Calm,

A single breath can be the difference between being positive and being negative.

A single breath is all it takes to change our lives.

Think about it every time you get angry your breathing goes up, your heart beats faster and your blood begins to boil. Next time just breath and see your anger neutralize. Am not trying to make hermits or monks out of everyone but trying to reason about something that makes sense.

Why boil our blood or get the body and mind stressed over things we can not control. Most of the time we get angry, stressed, upset or chaotic because of the actions of people around us or those we happen to meet. Well there is nothing you can do about the way people behave. Yes you can yell your lungs out but change will only happen when the person wishes to change. However by getting aggravated we ruin our own health and mental peace.  There is sufficient research to show how good breathing habits can change not only a persons physical health but also his state of mind.

No wonder meditation techniques give so much importance to breathing. Even most fitness workouts emphasize on proper breathing. However one should not just remember their breathing when they meditate or exercise but should remember it always. 

Try this out - 
No matter what you are doing try to focus on your breathing, do not try to alter it just observe your breathing process. Initially this will test you, will make you think you are losing it to try something like this. As time passes you will slowly be able to be in-sync with your breath. It will be like you are now a part of your own breath.

This is where the transformation will take place. You will be able to see things with more clarity. Your body will start responding the way you have always wanted it to. The body, heart and mind will begin to heal. For a change you will be the master of your own emotions and no matter what people do or how they reciprocate you will not be affected and will maintain your state of calm.

Sounds so simple and in reality it is just as simple as it sounds. 

Being in - sync with your breath can be considered to be similar to the  state of meditation. Livening all your senses physical, mental and spiritual.

Let us try to make every breath count. 

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