Sunday, March 10, 2013

Runner trapped with two Trekkers

Today was planned to be a good jog with 4 other members of Jukaado. However early in the morning 2 of them had to drop out and I was left with the other 2 members who are more of trekkers than runners. They are gradually coming in to the runner group so they are trekkers in transition. 

The Sunday jog is a high intensity hill terrain jog. I have being doing the same route for over 3 - 4 months and have got accustomed to its grueling inclines. However the other 2 members Farida and Sravan were attempting this terrain for the first time and making them jog at my pace would have resulted in them burning out or even causing them lots of aches and pains.

So being outnumbered the runner conceded to the 2 trekkers and walked the full route with them. It was a different experience to walk the same route talking and discussing stuff. Usually it is Prateek and myself huffing and puffing all the way like galloping horses with some small bouts of conversation in between. So to have a decently fast paced walk and just enjoy the view and nature all along the route felt nice. 

Change is said to be good and well I do agree it was a nice change from the Sunday ritual. 

When I look back a few years and see the transformation that has occurred in all those who have continued to train in Jukaado am left in awe. All these kids, women and men have shown real guts, determination, amazing will power and most importantly have trusted my judgement and training concepts. It is when I see the huge leaps and bounds by which the students have grown and improved that am reassured of the potency and approach of my training concepts. In the last 2 months we have had quite a few women giving training at Jukaado a shot. From all these women there are a few who have really improved and show lots of potential to be Jukaadoka's and even someday be able to successfully complete the grueling black belt gradation of Jukaado. These women are Kiran, Harini, Priya, Poorna and Farida. I sincerely hope that all of them do continue and some day earn their black belt at Jukaado. The amazing part is that 3 of them are in the age group which according to most Indians is way past the age to train so intensively. Yet these women have truly shown grit and determination.This is the spirit that needs to shine from all the women in our country.

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