Sunday, March 31, 2013

What is in your mind ?

Our mind is the least used and the most powerful organ of our body. Often people talk of how their life's are not going the way they wish it to and if they look in to the reason it is often connected with their own mindset.

Our mind has the capacity to make our wildest desires in to our reality all we need to do is believe it already exists. However most of us do the exact opposite we sit and brood and try to find reasons for why not rather than why it should. 

We just need to make a shift in our mind from being a non believer in to a believer after all that is the difference between the scientists or inventors who changed our worlds and the others who had already decided against anything like that ever being possible. 

Am not saying doing so is a piece of cake nor am I saying it is impossible. It is a constant process that we have to keep on track with and over a period of time it will become a part of us constantly keeping us on the path of positivity.

There are numerous things and quite a few people who I personally have issues with but sitting and wailing over it will only make my life filled with more bitterness or sorrow. Instead just move on with positivity in mind and with good work along your path of life.

Positively visualizing the change does work miracles it can really amaze you in the beginning and over a period of time you get used to all the miracles that keep happening around you. Try it out with the smallest things in your life Visualize positively the change or occurrence of any situation or thing and believe in it as it already has and trust me it will. I am sure some are thinking that am teaching some magic trick here and they will be able to make their favorite food or thing appear out of thin air. Well that is not going to happen. However Positive Visualization with total belief can make the impossible possible and the unrealistic very realistic. All it needs is the mind to belief in it and the universe shall take the due course to make it our reality. Many times the real issue is that we are so confused as to what we truly wish or desire that our mind sends out confused signals making our life's like a merry go round where we get trapped in this circle which makes us feel we are moving ahead but are actually just moving in circles. The most important thing to do is sit calmly on your own and understand what you truly wish or desire. Spend time with yourself alone regularly, initially you will get restless and the chatter of the mind may increase manifold when you try to sit quietly. Over a period of time the chatter of the mind will reduce the body and mind will feel more calm and at peace being alone by itself. Once you reach this stage you will be able to understand with clarity what you truly desire or wish for from your life or from any situation in life. 

There is nothing better in life than knowing what you really desire or wish for. 
Once you know what you truly wish for or which direction you wish your life to move in then you just need to change your beliefs and mindset fine tuning them with positivity and your desires shall become your reality.
Am not just saying all this but have experienced it in my life over and over. It has been quite a few years since I stumbled upon this and every moment has been a miracle ever since. It is so simple that it can truly change the way you look at life itself. You can change your health, your relations with people and so on. All you need to do is believe in your positive visualizations like they are already taking place and the sky is the limit for all of us.

There will be times when we may like to have the cake and eat it as well. These are the times that test us in life as deciding on either side will make us upset about it as well as the people connected with the decision however we need to take a stand and am sure if we are positively inclined we will take the right step. It may seem wrong at the moment to the people around us but when we are able to sit quietly with ourselves daily then our decisions are filled with more clarity and positivity and so they will be more inclined to being what truly needs to be done.

Life is a walk along a path, a path if chosen in sync with our souls calling can truly make life an experience of a life time.  The choice is ours, our life's are the result of our THOUGHTS.

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