Friday, March 22, 2013

Where are we heading?

Seeing the way the world is today often makes me wonder that either am from some other era itself or have got too old in the ways of my mind in comparison to the rapidly evolving youth today. Every where you look today you see the young rebelling, taking things for granted, expecting and demanding things as if it is their birth right, having super high egos, attitude issues, excessive rage and anger, disillusioned from the reality of life, low levels of self - respect and lots more. I am not saying all of the youth are like that but yes majority of them are. It is sad to see the youth like this today and if this what we call evolution or progress well then we are all seated up for a scary roller coaster ride up ahead in the near future.

Am personally not that old nor do I think am a store house of wisdom. However my ride through life till now has been a colour full one and each experience has taught me a lot.

Where are we heading? The youth are literally living lives like puppets. From birth the pressure that is mounted on them by their parents and society far exceeds what we all had in our youth. So it is difficult to blame them completely for all the characteristics I mentioned above. May be the way society is today it nurtures such characteristics in the youth. I personally think you can not blame one person. We all are responsible for the way things are but instead of raising our frustration levels or being ready to pounce at a drop of a pin at anything we all need to be calm. By creating animosity and showing rage is not the solution. What needs to be done is to come together to resolve issues and not create more by being stubborn or because of our egos.

Where are the value systems ? Where is the mutual respect? Where is the humanity within us all?

These all seem like a fairy tale in today's world. Yes we do see people respecting others who are in power because they are in power or we see people respecting others till they have to get some work done from them. We also do see shades of humanity but often it has its own tinge of selfishness attached to it.

Yes I totally agree the value systems, mutual respect and humanity is still alive and there are many who live by them but sadly the numbers of these humans is very few in comparison to the evolved puppets of today. There still are numerous people that I see daily who by their selfless acts and small gestures bring smiles to many. Hope I knew how to clone them so we could have more of them on Earth.
Well am not a pessimist but the fact is the fact and not accepting it or speaking about it is the first sign of people not wanting to change.

It seems like an epidemic that is widely spreading all over the world and even among the older population. Our fast paced life's and the constant race with time to achieve our goals is really having an enormous effect on all of us at a psychological level. People have become detached from emotion. When I say emotion I do not mean the emotional bond that we all have for our immediate family members and loved ones. When I speak of emotion I am referring to the condition of being human. The concern for a fellow human being irrespective of who he/ she is or irrespective of even knowing the person. The word compassion seems to only exist in dictionaries and like an antique is rarely visible among our vast and growing evolved population of the world.

As a person am very positive and always try to see the good in another person and if they are my student then I even try to fine tune them cleansing any negativity I sense in them. Well some may wonder who made me the judge of what is wrong or right. Well no one did and nor am I Mr. Right. I have my own flaws and dark side too well we all do lets face it. However am open to change and am ready to grow and learn from my mistakes.
I do not like to write long posts as it tends to get boring. I would like to end it with a thought for all of us to ponder on - 


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