Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An Evening well spent. ( Vibram's Rock!!!!!)

Today we planned to go for a trek in the evening to the hills at Moula Ali. Since we were starting by 4pm and many of the members of Jukaado would be still at work we only could take a handful who were  free. We shall plan another trek may be on a Sunday so that all can attend it.

The weather was not so hot as usual or it could be the gentle breeze on the hills reduced the intensity of the hot sun. It was a fun experience and an evening truly well spent.We all enjoyed the wonderful trek.

I have been wearing Vibram's (KSO) for quite a few months now but today's trek especially passing through all the boulders really tested the Vibram's and my toes too.

While scrambling up the slopes or even moving through the randomly stacked boulders the toes were truly exercised and used with every step I took. 

I truly enjoy wearing the Vibram's they really give you the feel of barefoot walking with the added benefit of protection from sharp objects like broken glass or thorns etc. While moving from one boulder to another when you stretch out you can really feel every toe stretching and working to help you move. I guess the toes help in getting a better grip too. I  have run up hills and crossed boulders with normal sports shoes too but nothing can come even close to the Vibram's as the toes truly help a lot. You really feel so stable and every step is also a wonderful workout for the muscles of the toes and feet. 

I have stopped wearing other shoes and only wear the Vibram's and really feel the change in my feet and legs. I feel even my kick has become more devastating or more powerful with the use of Vibram's. I have never had any issues of stress fractures or aches while using them. My calf muscles have developed a lot with the Vibram's too. My calf muscles were always well developed due to the training in martial arts however they seem to have got a boost since I started training in Vibram's. It is a shoe that everyone should invest in especially those who are into any form of physical workout or training.

After reaching the top we did 2 sets of 20 Burpees each and sat down to admire the city lights as well as the few stars that were visible and also had a major discussion on the position and movement of the North Star. 

It is always nice to spend time with my students. Am truly blessed to have a nice lot who are always eager to train hard and are like a family of warriors. It is said that like minded people are attracted to each other and seeing the enthusiasm of the students who keep up with all the crazy things I make them do in training I guess it is true. I appreciate the students who have continued training with me for many years ( some have been training for over 5 years others have been with me for almost a decade) especially since every few months there is a drastic change and increase in the intensity of training at Jukaado. 

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