Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When all fails there is .......

Life is a journey on a bus with many stops en-route our thoughts decide which stops we get down at and why.

Many times there exists an imbalance between our thoughts and our desires this is what causes us to get disappointed as our expectations are not met and we feel lost. There is nothing wrong with this as it is part of the experience of being Human. 

We often blame everything like the people around us, our work, our relations, our health, how we look and so on for all the situations in our lives. However when we feel so all we need to really do is introspect in to our own thoughts and we will see that it is our own doing. 

Our thoughts are nothing but us ordering from a catalog which the universe manifests in to our reality. 

Am sure none of us wish to order something which we do not desire. So let us try to watch our thoughts. Yes there will be times when we will be tested when our beliefs, our desires, our expectations, our understanding of life will be shaken and at times even broken down. Then we begin to develop all sorts of fears and begin to loose confidence in our own ability. It is at these times our thoughts begin to wander towards the negative and once we get stuck in the vicious circle of negativity our life becomes just a series of disappointments one after the other everything in our life seems to be a lost cause. 

It is easy to get stuck in this vicious circle and am sure all of us have been through it at some point in our life and some of us may be going through it as I type this very sentence. Different people may respond to it differently some may fight back and give up a while later, some may keep fighting their whole lives and get no change, while a few will use the power of  HOPE and change their thoughts. Once the thoughts are changed and are ignited by the candle of hope the dull gloom encircling our lives will give way to light and the change it brings with it.

Hope is a powerful tool. It is hope of finding an oasis that can make a person cross a barren desert with a parched throat. It is hope of a more suitable weather and other conditions that makes animals migrate for thousands of miles. It is hope of light and change that the universe best displays with the rising sun everyday.  

Giving up or getting tired or just being pessimistic about every aspect of our lives is the easiest thing to do. I prefer to cherish the joy one experiences when one achieves something even with all the obstacles and disappointments that seem to be like a cascading water fall all through our life. This joy is unexplainable by mere words, it is out of the world. One has to experience it to understand it. Once one experiences this joy within may it be in the smallest of things in life it can get very addictive. 

Try this out in the smallest things in your life for example - form a positive thought of reaching office without a traffic jam. Believing in your thoughts makes the process more potent and will manifest in to your reality much faster. Trust me it works have been experiencing it daily from the day I was introduced to this wonderful wisdom of the ages.

Only if we take the plunge will we be able to swim and only if we swim will we cross the river to the other side where lies the treasure cove of our desires. So what are we still waiting for??????????????

Always remember  - 

 Our lives are the reflection of our thoughts. We can not change the reflection but we can surely change our thoughts.

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