Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Squash Ball keeps the feet and legs healthy and helps to heal faster.

Our feet are filled with numerous nerve endings, no wonder the feet are also used for reflexology which is a part of acupressure. Whenever we walk, cycle, run, train or play any sport we are constantly straining our legs. Even if we have the perfect stride or leg movement we are adding strain to the muscles and joints. This strain could easily be over looked as the effect of working out. Over a period of time the strain will keep building up finally breaking out as any muscle or joint related issues. Then we have to run to Doctors and worst of all take rest while recouping. Being very fond of exercising and not being able to train feels like someone has sucked all the air out of you.

I have been using a simple technique to help my legs heal and recover without letting the strain build up. I say so with my training background of many decades and yet not having any severe leg related ailments that may have stopped me from training for even a day.

Every day I keep a squash ball on the ground and then roll the soles of my feet over it with a bit of pressure. It is something which I thought of when I was learning acupressure. When you apply pressure on the ball and roll it along the soles of the feet it will relax and ease any strained nerve endings giving you an instant sense of relaxation. These nerve endings in turn will relax and ease the complete leg in general. Sometimes due to a wrong footing or foot stride certain nerves may move out of place or get suppressed which could result in the muscle in that area getting strained. Rolling the sole of the foot on the squash ball will also help in realigning them and ease the muscle aches.

After long runs or heavy leg workouts it is common to feel a bit of strain on the knee. Surprisingly rolling the squash ball on the soles helps relieve the strain of the knee too. A very simple method yet super effective. I also use the squash ball to strengthen my forearm and my fingers by squeezing it in the palm or between fingers.

So it is surely a boon to have one for yourself. However if you are already suffering from severe pain in any muscle or joint do consult a doctor immediately for proper medical guidance. The squash ball technique is only for prevention and I do not recommend them as the only means to heal an already injured or paining muscle, tissue, ligament or joint.


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