Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So you think you are Fit. Are you really FIT???????

Fitness has a different definition for most people. Lets see how some people view fitness -

For the extremely lazy fitness may mean not falling ill even if they are overweight or not physically fit.

For a body builder or gym addict fitness may mean the ability to lift heavier weights.

For a runner / cyclist fitness may mean having well toned legs and the ability to run / cycle long distances with a good timing.

For an adventure addict fitness may mean the ability to do numerous adventure activities.
    and so on..................................


Well this is a subject which is very important to me and is at the epicenter of any of my training routines or my approach to training. 

Fitness is not about being able to be very good at a particular activity, If we are good or even excel in a certain activity we are just approaching fitness from one side and this over a period of time will ruin the balance of our body. Fitness is multi - dimensional it has to be approached from all sides.

So if you can run 100kms or you can swim 3kms or you can lift 100kgs etc that does not make you fit. Yes you will be healthier than those who do no physical activity but you are NOT FIT.

To be fit is to have all the muscles of the body in pretty good condition. This is something which is only possible if you train WILD. What I mean by WILD is that you should train in everything. Don't just run do weights, cycling, martial arts, adventure sports, swim, play a sport and any other physical activity you come by. 

This is a concept I understood from my instructors of martial arts. Martial arts is the training for war. Most of the martial arts are formed to train soldiers or by people fighting back to reclaim their freedom or protect their freedom. So keeping that in mind if you train in any traditional martial art under a good instructor you will experience training in everything. I may sound very biased being a martial artist myself but it is the truth. I have had the privilege of doing all sorts of activities during my martial art training. 

Starting today let us aim at approaching fitness multi - dimensionally the way it actually should.

I have lots of respect and appreciation for people who are good at certain physical activities. That said done I constantly try to change the mindset of such people. Some times it is just the fear of trying something different, some times it is just excuses like - I anyway train a lot and am fit so why try something else or many times we try to hide behind our age, when in reality age has nothing to do with what you train in, yes you may need to start of slowly and gradually improve but you surely can train crazy at any age. Well then all you are doing is just following a single path when you have the world to discover and trek through.

My training sounds scary and insane to most and many run far away after just a few sessions. Those who have stuck around for a few years or more are today like super humans. They can easily run for 2 hours or more then train for another 10 hours or more. 

How many of you can train nonstop for 24 hours??????

Yes that is exactly what my students have achieved just a few days back. The best part is they trained for the first 10 hours without any food or water. The 24 hour training involved everything from sitting in torturous freezing cold ice water for 1.5 hours to 4.5 hour trek carrying logs, running, weight training, sparring, body conditioning and lots more. All this without much of rest time in between. They had already trained about 15 -18 hours before starting the 24 hour nonstop workout and did train for about 8 - 10 hours a day for the next 2 days after the 24 hour nonstop workout too. THIS IS CALLED BEING FIT.

Only if you approach fitness multi - dimensionally will you ever be able to do something as insane as this. Am not saying that my students or myself are super fit or the ambassadors of fitness. We have a long way to go with our targets ever rising higher than the last one. We have a lot to learn and improve on but we are approaching fitness in the way that it should and that is where lies the difference. 

Our next target is to train nonstop for 36 hours and then it will be 48 hours and 60 hours and 72 hours and so on..............

Never look at the horizon and say it is not reachable for you can only find out once you start moving towards it. 

          GET UP!!!!                GET MOVING!!!!!!!!                           TRAIN CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

                               TRAIN TILL YOU DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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