Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Listen to my advice and train WISE or you may end up paying the PRICE.

Very often I get to hear from people who do not train with me that they have heard that training in Jukaado under me is very intense. They also mention that almost all training at Jukaado get joint or muscle injuries often. 

Well today I wish to put an end to this myth / rumor by explaining a bit about the training and where things go wrong.

Most group classes may it be a martial arts class or any other form of fitness will always have a mix of senior students or students who have been training from many months / years and those who have joined recently.
There is nothing wrong in such a mixed group if the instructor knows how to alter and calibrate the workout for all the different levels of fitness at the class. 

At Jukaado we do train intense and we do push our training way beyond the impossible but that surely does not mean that I throw the students into the fire not caring for their health and safety. Our training program is actually completely injury free and safe. I have been training for over 29 years without any major injuries and there are many students who have been training from over 8 - 10 years under me without any severe injuries. When you do any physical activity it is common to sometimes have a slightly  strained muscle or a bit of ache due to wrong footing by mistake. However proper training procedure and care ensures no severe injuries unless an accident occurs. 

The rumor / myth - Most training in Jukaado get joint or muscle injuries.
This rumor / myth is created and spread by the few that come to train at Jukaado and run away in just a few days because of their wrong doing. At our class the regulars do many sets of 100 repetitions of squats, push ups and ab workout along with lots of kicks, punches, techniques and so on. However we do not expect new comers to do so much. I always inform the new comers to workout slowly and build up their repetitions over a period of time. I ask them to start with just 20 - 30 repetitions and also to take a break if they are feeling tired or strained. Some of them take heed to my advice and gradually build and improve their fitness levels at the pace they are comfortable with. These go on to continue at Jukaado and surpass their own expectations of health and fitness. There will be a few who do not take my advice to go slow and try to compete with the senior students in the repetitions and this sudden strain ends up causing severe aches the next day. Even after the aches they continue with this for few more classes and the aches just keep shifting depending on the workout. Finally they run away and blame my training methods at Jukaado for their misery when in reality it is their own fault.

So in reality some people come to Jukaado and dig their own grave but blame it on the training at Jukaado. Always start training at the level you are comfortable at. Gradually build up your fitness levels, stamina, endurance and so on. Find a good trainer who is well experienced and balanced. Follow what the trainer says even if you feel that you could push yourself more. 

I will surely be there to push all training to achieve that little bit more than they thought they could but I am also there to guide and tell all when they need to take a break or if it is enough for them. If even after my constant advice one wishes to prove that he / she is the best at class then am sorry to say they will most likely be the first one to fall down. 


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