Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Life - A Reflection of our Thoughts

Our thoughts play an important role in shaping the path our life goes through. It is these thoughts and daily affirmations that can make the difference between joy and pain.

Our life in many ways is a reflection of our thoughts and affirmations. If we see the world as a place filled with negativity or things we do not like well then that is what we will actually get in our lives. What we think is what we get.

It seems such a simple solution but is not so easy to put in practice for many. Let us look at it with an easy example. If a person views, believes and even keeps affirming that everyone in the world is out to get them then over a period of time it will change their behavior with everyone.This person will begin to get excessively doubtful and suspicious of everything and everyone.  This change in behavior will end up making everyone stay away from this person there by the person truly ends up feeling lonely and as if everyone in the world has really ganged up against this person.  

Yes Life is not a bed of roses and we all do go through ups and downs. It is when we are in the downs that we need to keep our head up and affirm the positive in our thoughts otherwise our lives will just experiencing more and more of the downs. When we are going through a down phase of our life we are in a state of chaos, we need to calm down and let the turmoil within settle. Then collect what is useful and walk ahead getting rid of all the unnecessary baggage. Complaining is the easiest thing to do for all of us. We tend to focus more on the things we do not have than the things we have and the result is a constant dissatisfaction within. I had read this wonderful thought in a book I think by DR. Wayne Dyer -

                             I had no shoe and I complained till I saw a man with no feet.

 A very simple yet powerful tool to starting a great day daily and remodeling our lives is to give GRATITUDE
Every morning as soon as you wake up just say a thank you for another day that you have to live and experience. While you brush your teeth, bathe, sip on your coffee / tea or are getting  ready to start your day just count your blessings no matter how small they may seem but just keep counting as many as you can and just say a thank you for all of them. This simple exercise will surely make you feel better and charge you up with positivity. You will leave for work with a happy mind and heart that is ready to go out there and make a positive difference in your as well as the lives of others around us.

It is easy to blame destiny, luck and all other things around for all that goes wrong. Well you can not do anything with things that have gone wrong but you surely can take charge of your own thoughts. With control over your own thoughts you can visualize and affirm all the changes you desire and they shall manifest in to your reality for sure. Change is inevitable how we look at it is the difference between positive and negative.

Just like every drop of water contributes to filling an ocean,
                                                                              every thought contributes to filling our lives.

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